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Kratom saves so many people , if you are struggling it can save u 2 brother / sister.. If u are on a dark path , u can find help and u can change , YES ITS HARD , NO ITS NOT EASY , BUT U CAN DO IT….

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal. When it comes to withdrawal remedies, kratom is one of the best kept secrets there is. I went through opiate withdrawal many times over the span of a few years, and I never once heard of kratom.

It wasn’t until I cleaned up and became a Substance Abuse Counselor at an Opiate Treatment Program that I finally learned about kratom for opiate withdrawal from a patient of mine that had used it to get off methadone in the past.

I started researching it, and the things I learned blew my mind.

Here was a beautiful tree (member of the coffee family) that was not regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States (making it legal), which had mu-opioid agonist qualities (like morphine), that could without a doubt help anyone ease their opiate withdrawal symptoms naturally.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

How Kratom Works for Opiate Withdrawal

This evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia is not an opiate.

Kratom, simply put, is an opioid agonist. This is just a fancy term meaning that it mimics the effects of opioid drugs such as heroin, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone etc.

You’ve probably heard of the medications Suboxone, Subutex and methadone. These are also opioid agonists, and they tend to eliminate opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings especially well.

The only problem is that many individuals are now stuck on these powerful medications, due to them being a lot harder to come off than one might think.

Mitragynine, the major alkaloid in kratom, is a partial opioid agonist producing similar effects to morphine.

An interesting minor alkaloid of kratom, 7-hyrdoxymitragynine, has been reported to be more potent than morphine. Both kratom alkaloids activate supraspinal mu- and delta- opioid receptors, which is the main reason the plant alleviates withdrawal symptoms so well.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

The patient of mine that told me about kratom said it helped her come off methadone by reducing 90% of her withdrawal symptoms. 

This piqued my interest to say the least. After studying the plant on my own, I felt comfortable recommending it to my patients for coming off opiates and opiate replacement medications such as methadone and Suboxone.

My Experience with Kratom

To be quite honest, I was pretty bummed out that I never got to use kratom for opiate withdrawal. However, after two years of being fascinated with the plant, I finally gained the courage to try it from a strictly investigative perspective.

I obviously wasn’t using kratom to ease any opiate withdrawal symptoms, nor was I intending to get high or ease any physical pain.

I simply wanted to feel the effects of the plant before I wrote an article on kratom for opiate withdrawal.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

I had been nervous about trying it for some time do to it’s potential for addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, there is a store called Bountiful Herbs six blocks from my house that specializes in kratom.

I spoke with a very knowledgeable employee by the name of Alanna Donovan about different strains, dosages, and whether or not she thought I would get addicted to it.

After our conversation, I decided to purchase some Maeng Da kratom, which is one of the more powerful strains available.

I figured “go big or go home right?” I ended up really enjoying the buzz, which felt a lot like taking hydrocodone or oxycodone, though not exactly.

That was five months ago, and since then I’ve probably taken kratom around a dozen times.

I’ve experimented with different stains and dosages, and even different potentiators (something that increases the effects), in hopes of finding the perfect protocol for coming off opiates.

What I’ve come up with for you is an easy, step-by-step program on how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal.

I’m going to teach you what the best kratom for opiate withdrawal is, and you’ll also learn how much kratom to take for opiate withdrawal.

By following the plan I’ve created, you’ll be using a powerful, natural plant that binds to the same receptor sites in your brain that drugs like morphine and heroin bind to.

The result?

If you’re like my patient on methadone……a 90% reduction of withdrawal symptoms.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

Best Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

Classic Red Bali from is in my opinion the best kratom for opiate withdrawal. Also known as Red Indo kratom, this strain has powerful painkilling and sedating qualities, which makes it more desirable for opiate withdrawal than some of the stimulating types of kratom.

All strains of kratom work for opiate withdrawal, but the Red Vein types are preferable because of their ability to relieve symptoms to a greater degree. After trying over a dozen different kratom companies, Top Extracts wins my vote for the purest and strongest at the best price. Click here to read my review article on the best kratom for opiate withdrawal.

best kratom for opiate withdrawal

How Much Kratom to Take for Opiate Withdrawal

The main alkaloid in kratom, mitragynine, is an opioid agonist, which means that it sticks inside opioid receptors in your brain.

These receptors significantly influence your mood and pain levels. Since mitragynine fills these receptor sites, it can produce euphoria and pain relief in the same way that morphine can, though it’s not the same as a morphine high.

The major difference between kratom and opiates is that kratom prefers delta- opioid receptors first, while morphine and other opioid drugs bind to the mu- opioid receptors.

However, if you take a large enough dose, kratom is able to more powerfully activate mu- opioid receptors.

The difference between kratom’s affinity for either delta- or mu- receptors depending on the dosage is most likely why the effects go from stimulating to sedating. At lower dosages of about 3-7 grams, kratom has more stimulating and mood-enhancing effects. At around 8 grams and up, it actually has more sedating and painkilling effects.

how much kratom to take for opiate withdrawal

After experimenting with kratom dosages and strains, I’ve found that taking 9-10 grams of powder is the perfect amount to stimulate the mu- opioid receptors.

Using 9-10 grams of Classic Red Bali provided me with euphoria and sedation that was remarkably similar to an opiate high.

Furthermore, this dosage made me “nod out” hardcore while I was relaxing on the couch watching a movie, which was my determining factor for coming to the conclusion that this was the best dosage for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms.

How to Use Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal: Your 4-Step Success Plan

The following plan can be used for getting off heroin, hydrocodone, oxycododone, Suboxone, methadone, or any other opioid. If you adhere to the steps I’ve created, you should be able to eliminate 70% to 90% of your opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Being physiologically dependent upon opiates sucks. The fear of withdrawal can keep you stuck in your addiction for years and years. I want you to have a mild withdrawal, and most importantly, I want you to STAY CLEAN FOR LIFE!

  • You don’t have to be a slave to the drug anymore!
  • You can end your addiction!
  • You can use these steps to have a very mild opiate withdrawal!
  • You can stay clean and live the life of your dreams!
  • All of the courage, determination, love and faith you need are within you now!


Visualize your life after getting off opiates. Imagine yourself looking and feeling healthy. Picture yourself waking up in the morning and feeling awesome without having to take drugs.

How does that feel? How bad do you want this? I know you can do it.

You can decide right here and now that you are going to follow this withdrawal plan and take back control of your life.

“It is in the moment of decisions that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

Step 1: Go Shopping

My strategic plan for using kratom for opiate withdrawal consists of obtaining the following items:

  • 8 ounces of Top Extracts Classic Red Bali
  • 20 grapefruits
  • A cheap digital scale
  • A 30-day supply of Calm Support


The eight ounces of kratom should be more than enough to get you through your opiate withdrawal. The grapefruits on the shopping list are going to be used to make fresh juice to mix with the kratom powder.

Grapefruit juice is a great “potentiator”, which means that it increases the effects of kratom. You’re also going to need an accurate scale that weighs to the gram. This is very important because using 9-10 grams per dose is essential for stimulating the mu- opioid receptors, which are the ones that will relieve your withdrawal symptoms the most.

Note: Start out with 3-5 grams for your first time. This might be all you need. Everyone is biochemically unique, so different dosages and strains will work better for different people. The white vein kratom strains are more stimulating and energy producing, and the green veins are somewhere in the middle of white and red.

Feel free to try different strains, and you can even mix them together (quite nice effects if done correctly). Also, the grapefruit juice stretches the kratom further, but it might even make it too strong for you. Start off with low doses without grapefruit juice then see what your body needs.

Calm Support (Read full Review…) is an opiate withdrawal formula that contains a powerful blend of amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help ease your symptoms in the following ways:

  • Enhances mood
  • Eases stomach discomfort
  • Increases natural energy
  • Calms anxiety
  • Restores dopamine production quickly
  • Reverses depression
  • Reverses insomnia and helps you get more restorative sleep

kratom for opiate withdrawal

Step 2: Stop taking Opiates

There are are a few different ways to go about this next step. One is to come off opiates “cold-turkey”. I don’t ever recommend this method.

It results in the most severe withdrawal symptoms, and if you can avoid it I strongly encourage you to follow one of the next two strategies.

Another method is to “taper” your opiates, which means to systemically decrease the amount of narcotics you take over a period of time. Tapering is better than coming off cold-turkey because it is much less of a shock to your body.

By spending a few weeks or more slowly lowering your daily opiate intake, it allows your body to gradually adjust to the changes, which will result in a reduction of withdrawal symptoms.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal by tapering

The following plan I’ve outlined is based on a cold-turkey withdrawal.

Here are some important tips to remember before you plan your withdrawal:

  • Every individual is biochemically unique (so what works for one person may not work for another).
  • Depending on the severity of your opiate addiction, you may need to raise or lower your kratom intake (people with an extremely severe addiction might need a dosage of 16-25 grams).
  • Always use the least amount of kratom possible to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Discontinue kratom after 7-14 days so you don’t become physiologically dependent upon it (which could lead to more withdrawal symptoms).
  • Kratom can become addictive, so use with caution.
  • Listen to your body and adjust dose as necessary.
  • Always take kratom on an empty stomach as this helps with absorption.


Step 3: Use Calm Support and Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you start taking your Calm Support seven days before you come off opiates. Doing so will enable the nutrients to start priming your body for the impeding withdrawal. If you wait until the last minute it will still help a lot, but the benefits from starting early are too good to pass up.

Days 1-4: Take 2-4 Calm Support pills in the morning. Cut a grapefruit and squeeze the juice into a cup.

Weigh out 9-10 grams of kratom powder and add it to the grapefruit juice. Stir it up good with a spoon, or put it in a blender on low for a few seconds (I prefer this method because it mixes it better). Drink up! Wait an hour before eating breakfast.

how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal

You can take 3 more servings of kratom and grapefruit juice throughout the day to minimize withdrawal symptoms, just make sure you always take it on an empty stomach (at least 3 hours after meals).

Before bed on an empty stomach, take 2-4 Calm Support pills.

Days 5-7: Continue to take Calm Support, and reduce your kratom intake to only two 9-10 gram servings per day instead of four.

The hardest part of the withdrawal is usually over by the beginning of Day 5, and this will also help prevent you from going through mild kratom withdrawal.

Days 8-30: Discontinue kratom. Continue to take Calm Support, but take 3-6 pills at a time three times a day. It will help restore your brain chemistry to it’s pre-opiate addiction state, and it will also promote a positive mood, increased energy, calming of the nerves, enhanced digestion and appetite, and better sleep.

Step 4: Stay Clean!

After using kratom for opiate withdrawal successfully, the final step is to stay clean and build a strong recovery.

I believe the most important part of recovery is correcting the biochemical imbalances that opiate abuse either caused or exacerbated.

Without first addressing this physical aspect of addiction, counseling and other types of psychological treatment can only lead to moderate success at best.

I encourage you to follow these guidelines to heal your body and mind:

  • Eat at least 20-30 grams of protein 2-3 times per day to boost endorphins and other mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain (organic, free-range and wild-caught are best).
  • Consume at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and healthy fats.
  • Eat high-quality protein foods like chicken, fish, turkey, beef and cottage cheese.
  • Eliminate or reduce refined carbohydrates, processed foods, sugar, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Focus mostly on organic whole foods.
  • Exercise on a regular basis to help your body produce endorphins (natural morphine).
  • If you can afford it, I also highly recommend taking this awesome supplement, because the benefits are just too good to pass up.

How To Use Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

Wow how far I have come , Buying Cheap Kratom Extract saved my life…..

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Wow I have so so many people to thank along my jorunet to living a clean and sober life.  I now realize how selfish I was, what a peace of shit i was then.
My path I was on destroyed so much in my life besides my self, I could not do meetings and never really found a friend @ any of them… It felt so clickish and cult like, really I believe that it is because I have a problem with god.  It just dident work so well for me
I LOVE MY MOM and I was such a loser jagg off, we still don’t talk well @ all today.
MOM I”M SORRY , And I love you and one day I want u 2 realize that I’m not a bumb and not a loser.  I have been working 10-15 hr days 7 days a week.  It just seems that it just keeps getting worse, the people around my mom will do anything to make me look like a junkie peace of shit.  They believe that if they do that my mom will leave them some money when she dies.  ITS NOT FAIR ALL I WANT IS A MOM a RELATIONSHIP WITH HER , I DON”T FUCKING CARE ABOUT MONEY …
Thank U 2 all those on my journey that have helped me THANK U especially U Chuck !
I stayed @ that place below for 5 months it was so horrible they cooked old food and was such a tough time.

Buy Cheap Kratom Extract , Just an OPMS Silver Review

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We love to post all these opms gold and opms silver reviews here @ buy cheap kratom … I have been using OPMS Silver and Gold for years to help with my depression and  my chronic pain.  I live a GREAT LIFE today !

5 years ago I was walking the streets homeless with no where to go and not a dollar in my pocket. I picked my self out and was able to get a job @ a call center and was  an oxford home.  I slowly was able to get back on my feet and stay sober.  Today I do not take , I give I pay my taxes go to work everyday and work a job that does’t pay much, I don’t have much money BUT MY GOD I CAME SO FAR.. I have so far to go , I’m so close to having my 1st car and I have had my 1st real girlfriend now for over 3 years and things are going well.  I’m such a better person today !


My pain pill addiction took me to a DARK PLACE and OPMS products have SAVED MY LIFE.  Be sure to check out our Cheap Kratom Extract click here 


I’m Sober today

OPMS Kratom Silver – Malay Special Reserve

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Malay Special Reserve is truly a full spectrum Kratom. When comparing the Alkaloid levels of Malay Special Reserve and O.P.M.s. Gold or Silver Extract Kratom, Malay Special Reserve has 1/5 the alkaloids levels found in O.P.M.s. Gold and Silver Extracts. That Makes Malay Special Reserve the best bang for the buck Kratom product on the market.



On of the top Kratom extract and extract capsules. OPMS Kratom is organically purified. this brand is know for using a proprietary method of extraction which results in one of the strongest extracts on the market. There are a lot of reviews online endorsing this brand as the best Kratom available for sale.

Malay Special Reserve is truly a full spectrum Kratom. When comparing the Alkaloid levels of Malay Special Reserve and O.P.M.s. Gold or Silver Extract Kratom, Malay Special Reserve has 1/5 the alkaloids levels found in O.P.M.s. Gold and Silver Extracts. That Makes Malay Special Reserve the best bang for the buck Kratom product on the market.

Some reviewers say this extract is good for:

Kratom saves so many lives

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Here is another of MANY MANY kratom success stories, I just can not seem to get enough of these stories.  Some people are delt a bad hand or by no fault of their own get in REALLY bad situations.

I just started taking kratom yesterday. 1st dose was around 11:00. And I felt good after taking it! I took about 7g mixed with grapefruit juice. I read that grapefruit juice potentiates the kratom.
I’ve been abusing opiates for about 5yrs but did quit for about a year at 1point. I was up to 100mg/day of oxycodone or more if I had it. I did get a script for neck and shoulder pain and bought off the streets. I am so sick of spending so much money on them and not really getting high like I used to. So I ordered some kratom about a week ago. So I woke around 8:00 and. I did do about 7.5 mg of oxy that morning, but didn’t feel a thing off it. I’ve been reading about kratom for weeks now and decided it was time to try it myself. So about 11:00 I took my 1st dose. About 7g mixed with grapefruit juice. I used red veined Borneo and felt good. I was calm and relaxed. Even went for a walk!
Took 2 more doses throughout the day and felt totally normal. I took melatonin before bed and it didn’t seem to be helping so I did take another 7.5 oxy and slept till 6:30. I saved a few oxys, just in case…
I am currently on day 2. Woke up at 6:30 with some leg pain and rls. Took another 7g mixed with grapefruit juice and I feel good. My leg pain is gone!
My experience so far with kratom is awesome. Usually by now if I only did that amount of oxy, I would be sick but thanks to kratom, I feel wonderful!

Read Up ON All your Kratom Information Buy Cheap Kratom

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OMG, I fucking love these stories I re posted this so AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE can Read This information.

Success , It’s been a long road

I’m 37 years old, father of 3 boys. I like to consider myself an entrepreneur. I’ve overseen and owned a number of small businesses over the years, currently own 3 businesses, and am always working on coming up with new businesses related to my passions.

Before kratom, I was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and was prescribed many different anti-depressants. It seemed like they were trying something new every other month. At one time I was taking 4 different prescriptions every day. I became horribly addicted to Xanax. When I tried to quit the Xanax I had a seizure while walking up a flight of stairs. I awoke at the bottom covered in blood and writhing in pain. It was shortly after that I decided to find a better way to make myself well.

I discovered Kratom a handful of years ago. At first I used kratom along with diet and exercise to help alleviate the withdrawals from prescription medications, but as the prescription side effects dissipated I noticed that I was feeling better than ever. My anxiety and depression became manageable, my motivation and drive to improve and reinvent myself were stronger than ever. My sex life even improved.

Thanks to kratom I’ve been free of prescription drugs for going on 5 years. I am more successful than ever, my family life is better than ever, and I feel better than I have for a long time. I’ve found it to be no more intoxicating than a large coffee or energy drink, but with less side effects and addictive properties.

I truly hope that those of you in Florida listen to the real facts about Kratom and the overwhelmingly positive testimonials of the lives it has not only improved, but literally saved. This plant has been a savior for so many of us and it would be a shame if you fell victim to the propaganda and hype by those too ignorant to seek the truth, thereby depriving so many of your constituents of one of the most amazing natural remedies available and the tax revenue it will generate for your state.

Thank you for your story, that is absolutely moving. Keep up the great work and blessings be upon you and your family!

My story: I’m a seventy-year-old woman who has always avoided drugs. I’ve never even tried marijuana. But about three years ago the restless leg syndrome that had been fairly mild and episodic, became a problem 24/7.. All of a sudden I was able to sleep only two or three hours a night, because when I tried to lay down, the RLS symptoms made it impossible for me to stay in bed. I couldn’t fly on airplanes to visit my grandchildren, as the RLS made it torture to try to sit in an airline seat for hours. I couldn’t sit and read, or watch movies, or even snuggle with my grandchildren.

I went to a specialist who prescribed a dopamine agonist drug. But by then I had done a lot of reading, and knew that the side effects of these medications were substantial and unpleasant. In addition, they actually–sooner or later–often made the RLS worse.

In despair I tried kratom, and it’s been a miracle herb for me. By taking a dose of one to two grams, every two or three hours when the RLS is flaring up, I can be symptom-free.

It’s given me my life back. Last summer I flew from Newark to Honolulu–an eleven hour flight–with no problem. I can sleep all night. I get no side effects at all from it. I don’t know what I’ll do if it is made illegal. Well, actually I do know: I’ll be the grandmother out on the street looking for a drug dealer who carries kratom.

By the way, I am willing to go public with my story if you think it will help. I’d like to see legislators try to tag me, a seventy-year-old grandmother and retired school teacher, as a “druggie.

I’ll hit you up via pm with my story unless it’s essential I share it publicly. I live in martin county, and I know what we’re fighting.

PM works great or you can email to

Thank you!!!

The Long Road


Sounds like a great idea. I’ve been wondering how I could get involved with helping this cause. I’ve received tremendous benefits from kratom and I really want to share.

First off, a little about me: I’m a 33 year old Male who has been living in Florida my entire life. Also an understanding of my pain profile would be helpful to understand all this in the right perspective: I was in a car accident 13 years ago where I went 85 into a guardrail at a 45 degree angle. With no seat belt on. I was thrown into the passenger side door and I tore my labrum, misplaced 3 ribs and torn the muscle underneath my scapula. Since that accident and compounded by fibromyalgia that I’ve had all my life I was given pain killers in Florida. I went down that path because they enabled me to be productive. I was able to sleep at night finally instead of writhing around trying to get rest, as has been an issue all my life for the most part. I used them for 4 years as responsibly I could, even with the increases in tolerance.

About 3 years in I wanted to get off but didn’t know how to deal with my pain so through a suggestion of a doctor and another older friend in my life I decided to switch to methadone for long term pain management. I was intending on weaning down properly after X amount of time but it just took over my life and I fell down the rabbit hole. Things got bad. I lost someone I loved, I gained 120 extra lbs (I was 280) and it was what it was but I needed to rectify it. I eventually heard of Kratom in about late 2012 and I decided to take the plunge and jump off methadone (at 90mg a day) and go to the Kratom. Sure enough, 3-5 grams in the morning, mid-day and right before bed allowed me to sleep better than before and I was able to avoid withdrawals for the most part while the methadone’s half-life ceded.

Once I saw it’s potential I decided to get my life in order. My younger brother moved back from SLC and him and I took some time house sitting a relatives house for 3 months to kind of get everything back in order peacefully. We both decided to eat a new diet. He was a big guy as well and we decided to eat a ketogenic diet. It’s the fundamental purpose of let’s say a ‘Paleo Diet’ or the ‘Caveman Diet’….When we studied up on it well enough we enacted it all and never looked back. I lost 120lbs and am down to 160lbs and fit and it’s been because of Kratom and this particular way of eating.

I’ve been using kratom for about 2 years now ‘as needed’ for pain relief and ability to sleep. It’s been intermittent at times where I’ll switch off it for periods of time but it truly is the most helpful plant or substance that I’ve ever found in order to fix a lot of issues I have. My neuropathy / fibromyalgia issues are completely resolved on a 3g dose of a good Maeng Da. I make a tea out of it, strain it twice and drink that as my morning wake up, with a slew of other vitamins and supplements for brain health and proper body function with my aims in mind.

So yes, I want to lend my voice, I want to sway as many people as possible because I know the power of this plant and it’s ability to change lives.

Be blessed everyone.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I’m sincerely feeling compelled to finally stand up and make a public presence of my story and the importance of this plant. I am also going to be writing something similar as this and send it to all the reps in office in Florida first (there is a list that was just posted today in this sub).

I don’t know what your function is currently in this context but if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I’m willing to even be interviewed or my story put out there through video. What exactly is your role if you’re asking for stories and knowing someone who’s going down to Florida to actually fight for it….

Kratom is a natural alternative to addictive prescription pain and anxiety medications. We need to stand up and fight for all the people whom this herb has saved their lives.

Please sign this petition to help keep Kratom legal in Florida! It is very important regarding the future legality of the herb in the U.S.

Kratom Success Stories Needed for Florida from KratomKorner

Another Kratom Success Story

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This is another Kratom Success Story, I just love these Kratom Success stories they really inspire me to keep going my self and be a better man, friend, lover, and son.

I have done so much wrong in my life with my issues, but today I’m not the man who I was 5 years ago.  It’s tough because people still see me as this horrible person who is not self reliant.  Wow Does this frustrate me but @ the same time all I can blame is my self.


Enough about me Here is another man’s success story with kratom…….
this is my first post and im very glad i am able to contribute to this great site.
well ill start off with a little background info.
a year ago i broke my leg and went to the hospital. i got prescribed percocets (oxycodone/apap) for about a month. i wasnt worried about becoming addicted because i really didnt know the risks of the drug nore did i do research. i dont think i would have not taken them because i was in major pain. well after that month passed and my dr wouldnt give me anymore percocets i started to become sick so i found a way to get them anyways because i needed them for pain and also enjoyed the feeling of the “high” i couldnt afford to be sick. i had to go to work and normal day to day activities so this went on and on i spent almost everyday looking for them and soon my tollerance got higher so i went on to bigger and better drugs. so about a month and a half ago i was at the end of my rope.. i didnt wanna do this anymore plus i spent so much money on them that i was broke all the time, behind on bills and owed people money. so i started trying to figure out how the heck i could kick the habbit. i did research on methadone and suboxone i even considered going to rehab but i didnt wanna miss out on 30 days of work because i couldnt afford it. i heard from a friend one day that had the same problem and went to suboxone and another friend ended up on methadone. but they told me that those two pills are just as hard if not harder to get off of because of the withdrawls. the last thing iwanted was to become addicted to another pill and spend more money on it.. although both choices would have been cheaper than the habbit i was on i just didnt wanna take anymore pills. so i did some more research and discovered KRATOM!

for those of you that dont know what that is. it is a legal herb that if im not mistaken is grown in malaysia. i was sceptical, how could a simple tea make me feel normal again and help me kick this horrible habbit. so i didnt try it at the time. i decided to go cold turkey. going cold turkey from opiates is a pain in the rear!!! you cant sleep, you get cold sweats, restless leag syndrome and hot and cold flashes along with feeling like total crap mentally and physically. so i relapsed. i was sick and tired of being sick and tired. so a few weeks ago i decided to give kratom a try because a friend of mine knew where to get some that was good and at a decent price, so i figured it was worth a try. i did more research and found that making tea from the dried kratom leafe was the best way to go about it. so i brewed the tea and got it ready for the morning so i could drink it before work. i was scared i didnt think that i would feel good or just have stomach problems and the normal things that came along with opiate withdrawl. BOY WAS I WRONG! i was able to work all day. did not feel sick at all from the withdrawls, i was not depressed i was feeling great! i didnt even think about wanting any opiates. it is a very simple tea to make and there are alot of recipes on preparing it. the guy i got it from just said that you need to do some research on a good source because some people will sell the cheaper kind as the good stuff or water down the extract. i have not tried nor will i try kratom extract. i only plan on drinking the tea from the kratom leaves. this stuff is perfectly legal. and i only plan on doing this for about another week or two because like everything if u take alot and do it all the time it can to be addicting. but if your having the same problem i had try kratom before you go to a mathadone clinic or dr to try suboxone. you ofcourse need will power and want to get off the drug or else your screwing yourself from the start. if you have any questions feel free to pm me. kratom has saved my life! i was going down a road that i didnt wanna be on. my family and friend were worried about me and i just spent my days looking for a high. please give kratom a try before u go to a clinic and get on another pill that will make you sick when you try to get off that too.. ofcourse doctors will tell you that you can taper off of suboxone and methadone but even then ive had friends get sick. im sorry if im rambling a little im just so excited because i actually see a light at the end of the long tunnel ive been in. i also read that this also may help with alcohol addiction as i too am a drinker and i didnt even want a beer after i drank the tea. give it a try. and have a plan for yourself.
i really hope this helps someone

Mitragyna Speciosa — My Little Energy Tree

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Mitragyna Speciosa — My Little Energy Tree

Mitragyna Speciosa My Little Energy Tree

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is my favorite source of energy. Better than a cup of coffee, it perks me up.

A growing number of Americans feel the same way.

Mitragyna can be made as a tea or taken in powdered form, straight down the hatch with a chaser of water, coffee, grapefruit, or tomato juice. Some people mix it in smoothies, yogurt, or applesauce to conceal the taste.

I don’t care about the flavor — it doesn’t last long, but the effects last for hours.

I was raised on coffee before school, but I got to a point in my mid-thirties where coffee wasn’t doing the job it used to do. This was before ADD and ADHD was a favorite diagnosis that teachers forced on overly energetic schoolkids, so I was never compelled to take their sit-still drugs. Thank God!

Coffee was unpredictable in its strength. Tea was kinda weak.

Most times — after a brief period of increased vigilance — coffee would leave me yawning. Other times, too much would leave me wanting to climb the walls, angry, and edgy — not really alert hours later, but unable to sleep.

Energy drinks, for a time, did a pretty good job for keeping me alert without making me tense. Nevertheless, even the little fruit sugar in my low-carb brand was affecting my vision and the citric acid in the drink was eroding my teeth.

I needed a better energy alternative…

Then I found Mitragyna Speciosa!

Mitragyna is an unusual tree — an energy tree related to the coffee tree, but containing no caffeine.

Instead, M. Speciosa contains many other alkaloids, some of which act as opioid antagonist and some as antagonists. Some lower blood pressure. Some help by facilitating insulin transport glucose into our cells (very handy for pre-diabetics like myself!).

Mitragynine, the most common alkaloid in Kratom, also stimulates the adrenal glands to cause alertness. It is this proadrenergic effect that is what I and others from the ADD/ADHD community find very effective — without a sugar crash or caffeine jitters.

This alkaloid is a useful counterbalancing force that allows pain sufferers to stay alert and functional, despite the presence of a tiny percentage of the unique pain relieving molecule, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, which is 17 times as potent as morphine by weight, even though it is not a true opioid.

Some of the same heart-healthy, and anti-cancer agents that are in green tea and dark chocolate are also in Kratom.

Unfortunately, many in the medical community — like good little soldiers for the pharmaceutical industry — can only see harmful possibilities in a strange herb that might, on rare occasions, lead you to feel a trifle euphoric.

Oh no, this mustn’t be permitted,” they say ominously. “Kratom must be doing something bad to make you feel so good!

That doesn’t make sense! Isn’t restoring health and ending unpleasant symptoms the purpose of all medicines?

Quite a few research studies have been done. I’ve laboriously read through many of them and I have yet to find where moderate use by a healthy individual had any bad effects.

Even Mitragyna’s side-effect of minor constipation is less serious than morphine and other opiates and opioids. And this can be improved by eating a consciously high-fiber diet.

TNI report shows that generally, use of Kratom causes no significant problems. The Thai Office of Narcotic Control Board‘s recommendation is to leave it alone.

The fight to make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse goes on.

The pharmaceutical companies, who happen to be making a lot of money by selling dangerous — often fatal — drugs, are going to oppose a better alternative until no-one stops to listen to them anymore. That’s the way of the world.

I, on the other hand, am all for progress and looking for better alternatives.

Coffee is an herb…Should We Be Afraid of It?

It should be apparent that something is seriously wrong with a country that has so many people taking psychotropic medications that have suicide warnings on the package — and our suicide and murder rates are among the highest in the world. Does anyone — besides me — see a connection?

We humans all have many possible ways we can behave. I’ve found that some of us are more sensitive than others to common ingredients in our food and drink.

I have learned where my sensitivities lie and I have learned what I can do about them. Science frequently warns us that we are consuming far too much sugar, for instance, but most of us ignore the warnings.

Kratom – A Creative Solution to America’s Addiction Epidemic

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Kratom – A Creative Solution to America’s Addiction Epidemic

Kratom -- A Creative Solution to America's Addiction Epidemic

Kratom, that mysterious herb that evening news reporters urge us to fear, is actually doing a better job at ending opioid drug addiction than pricey drug rehab stays ever could. Why is there so much blind opposition to what is clearly American ingenuity at work?

The Answer Is Obvious: Money! Conventional Drug Rehab is Big Business with 4060% Return Customers.

In the USA, painkiller addiction usually starts with a visit to the doctor. Addiction should be no surprise when we have so many painful conditions for which the medical profession has no cures. Primarily, doctors rely on pain relieving opioid drugs to ease the symptoms. Many patients manage to walk the fine line of dependence and avoid addiction, but others, for a variety of reasons, do not succeed at this tightrope act.

The widespread use of Kratom is merely a populist response to a massive problem that is not being addressed in a user-friendly fashion. We have no clear idea of how much Kratom use is medicinal and how much is recreational, but the medicinal users are more in need of a voice. They have a compelling story that is not being told — and they stand to lose a lot, as a result, if Kratom is banned.

People became addicted to opioid drugs because, for a time, that was all that was being offered to control the pain associated with Lyme, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia, to name just a few. When the DEA put pressure on medical doctors to stop prescribing so many pain pills and patches — and “pill mills” were shut down — patients turned to the Internet, looking for legal, natural sources of relief. There, they found Kratom.

It is more accurate to say that “they found information about Kratom”. It is a matter of conjecture when Kratom was first brought to the USA and sold to the public in any organized fashion. Kratom has long been used in Oriental medicine, but unless it was proved that it was sold in the U.S. before the date of the enactment of the Dietary Health Safety and Education Act of October 15, 1994, Kratom still exists in a state of legal limbo.

Kratom, While Currently Legal in 46 States, Is Facing Intense Opposition, Calling for it to be Banned

Nevertheless, Kratom was evidently brought here and distributed by some botanical entrepreneur as long ago as 2000. This, however, means that Kratom — as it stands now — will still need to prove its scientific merits and safety in expensive testing, quite unlike the many native and imported herbs that just happened to have been here before the arbitrary 10-15-1994 date of DSHEA.

This expense will no doubt be passed along to the consumers of Kratom, pricing the herb beyond the affordability of many Americans who have been surviving on disability payments for years while vainly hoping for a cure to their disease.

Kratom Offers a Major Cost and Convenience Advantage Over Conventional Drug Rehab Programs Getting free from narcotics is relatively easy when you know there is a way to overcome the terrors of withdrawal. Kratom is the ticket to a minimally-uncomfortable withdrawal and, — as Dr. Edward Boyer describes withdrawal — “we learned that Kratom blunts that process awfully, awfully well.”

Actually, there are two locks on the door that prevent addicts from leaving their habits, even though most want to. One is their awareness of how humiliating and inconvenient the conventional system of rehab is, and the other is that they have either never heard of Kratom or they doubt that an herb could truly cancel most of the withdrawal from a powerful narcotic like OxyContin.

(There are also a smaller number of addicts who like opiates and don’t mind the inconveniences of the lifestyle it creates. There is not much we can do for them.)

For many chronic pain patients, opioid drugs have stopped working and they are left with the dreary side-effects of brain fog, social isolation, and the prospect of spending the rest of their lives in bed, depressed, still in pain, barely living.

Obtaining some Kratom from online vendors is easy enough. Learning to use it successfully is accomplished with coaching from the virtual Peanut Gallery of experienced observers on Facebook. Then, like one’s first parachute jump, those who are committed to avoiding the agony that is already creeping over them (perhaps because their doctor has cut them off) gives them the courage to try Kratom.

Will it work for me?” is a question that comes up in various forms as newbies join Kratom chat groups on Facebook and are wondering how and IF Kratom could work for them.

The crowd of loving, experienced bystanders usually chimes in with encouragement and their own stories of success.

As the curious newbie scans the chat strings of the group, they may find people like themselves sharing, in real time, their detoxification experiences, helped by Kratom. They can ask questions of real people going through the same experience they are considering. This helps greatly in persuading them to “take the leap of faith” and trust that Kratom will cushion their descent and return them unharmed to sobriety, while removing the pain that led to addiction.

Here are snippets of one typical conversation string of a young mother, Kristi, who is about 4 days into withdrawal at this point:

Kristi: “I am just in awe about how awesome Kratom really does work!”

Kristi: “My 9 year old doesn’t know that I am detoxing from my narcotics and she said, “Momma you look different today. You look so pretty!” That made me feel good and is helping me get thru this. I am shocked she noticed such a big difference in just 45 hours!!!!!”

“I don’t feel bad at all. I am sleepy and just sitting around. I feel good except for my tummy feels a little nauseous. I keep waiting for withdrawals to get crazy but it hasn’t. I highly recommend doing this. Best part is my pain levels used to be insane but I am not in any pain at all! No joke. If I would have known this was this easy, I would have done this along time ago. Thank you all for the encouragement. I know I couldn’t have ever done this without all of you cheering me on!”

Maria: “I kept questioning when the hammer was going to drop and I would get sick sick in detox. Finally after a week I was like “Okay, I guess this is life and that really just happened. A plant worked when everything else had failed.”

Kristi: “Now I see just how bad pain meds made me feel. Pain meds amplified my pain times a 1,000. I am sitting here in no pain at all.

Pain meds are evil. They want to take your life. I truly believe that now.”

Maria: “I was on a crash course with a death wish it seems and couldn’t seem to stop it until I found Kratom!!”

Enter the Naysayers

Here is a solution from “outside the box”. I have watched the same people get on with their lives. I have surveyed them to see if they have relapsed at all. Only a few have admitted they had: Something may have gone badly in their life or perhaps the underlying pain — emotional or physical — that caused them to seek a prescription came back and the Kratom they had wasn’t enough to handle it.

Those I’ve talked with who admitted they had relapsed found the opioids were not as much fun as they remembered and they quickly found their way back to sobriety with Kratom.

Remember, real pain was what drove them to the doctor to find relief. Since conventional medical practitioners have no cures for any of these issues, there is still the underlying need for something to help them handle the pain. Accusing Kratom of being “just trading one addiction for another” misses this crucial point.

To ban Kratom because there isn’t the money behind it to fund the millions of dollars worth of studies to prove its safety, is absurd. Most of the drugs that are now causing one hundred thousand U.S. deaths a year were all approved by the FDA; Kratom, by itself, has yet to kill anyone in hundreds of years of field-testing in humans. FDA approval is no guarantee of safety; it is merely a barrier to entry that keeps inexpensive natural products out of the hands of the public.

Since we are at risk whether we take prescribed pharmaceuticals or OTC natural herbs, shouldn’t we be free to choose which we prefer?

Turning Kratom into another pharmaceutical drug is not the answer. There is no need. Taking this herb apart to turn each of Kratom’s 29 or so alkaloids into prescription drugs isn’t needed for safety. Most Kratom consumers agree it would be hard to improve on Nature. It works fine, as it is.

Kratom works so well because it is a combination-of-ingredients formula which covers many issues quite well at low cost. Unlike pharmaceuticals, it is impossible to cause a fatal overdose.

Dr. Ed Boyer: “Of course, now that we have a country with many addicted people dying of respiratory depression, having a drug that can effectively treat your pain with no respiratory depression, I think that’s pretty cool. It might be worth a second look for pharma companies.” Elsewhere Dr. Boyer said, Interestingly, respiratory depression following Kratom administration has not been observed in either humans or in animal toxicology studies…”

Kratom is more than a better pain reliever, without most of the downside of opiate and opioid painkillers. Kratom is a combination of ingredients that addresses, not only pain, but also anxiety, depression, fatigue, and diabetes — all at the same low cost. Kratom is now producing great savings for the U.S. medical system, as the consumer pays for it out of their own pocket and it saves insurance or Medicare from paying for multiple prescriptions for that individual!

Is it any wonder that Big Pharma, Rehab clinics and others with a vested financial interest in the status quo don’t like Kratom? Is it any wonder that media channels like the New York Times and the TV stations throughout the nation are quick to agree that Kratom may be dangerous … to their profits?

And so, we see this “proxy war” on the TV and in the mass print media, proclaiming Kratom the new threat to our innocent children, which is not the real issue, at all. The real issue is that Kratom is helping hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans by now, get free of multiple addictive prescription drugs and replace them with one inexpensive herb and they feel better than they have felt for years.

These people are not deluded, doped-up, or hallucinating. This is merely the result of neutralizing the pain, freeing them from the opioid side-effects, and providing a mild adrenal stimulation.

With an aging population and a medical monopoly system that sucks out 19% of the the GNP of the U.S. economy, maybe Congress should consider the benefits of Kratom for reducing budget red ink, while reducing opioid addiction.

Maybe our states, instead of trying to ban Kratom one-by-one, should consider the savings to their budgets that Kratom is providing.

Must we shame our politicians by asking, “Are campaign funding by the pharmaceutical and the drug rehab industries sufficient reason for you to ignore the benefits this herb could provide to the people of your state?” We’d like to believe our politicians are better than that. The ultimate test is how they vote, not what they say on this subject.

If Kratom was only used for helping addicts detox and get free from addiction, it would be a God-send, but, it is so much more. It should be welcomed, not harassed and threatened with state or national bans (which never work, anyway).

How Kratom Saved my life

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his is my experience. I used to have a horrible heroin addiction 10 yrs ago and it quickly destroyed my life. I had gotten endocarditis and had heart surgery, lost all my things and addiction killed my sweetheart a cpl years ago. Needless to say those experiences stopped my addiction. Then several years later I was having horrible wisdom tooth pain pushing on my jawbone. I tried some suboxone for the pain and would switch to methadone. I really don’t know how but I ended up taking it too long and got hooked physically. I never got high and did not want this but this is what happened and how I got stuck in this cycle. I had been through Withdrawal before in the past and of course it scared the shit out of me. And the thought of withdrawing from methadone and the horror stories I have heard made it worse.

I only had about a 20 milligram a day dependence which 2 years ago I lowered anywhere from 5 to 10 milligram today with the intention of weaning myself so that I can get off of it for good. The fear kept me on methadone for about 5 years and the fact that I have a job that I can’t take off from to go through detox. Last year I heard about Kratom from a friend on facebook. I researched and got a free sample pack with the intention of using it to get off methadone for good but I was afraid to start because I didn’t know how effective it would be and I had to work all the time. Well a week ago I did some more research, got a kratom supply and I decided it was now or never so at the end of the work week Thursday I took my last mall 5 milligram dose of methadone and the next day all I used was Kratom every 6 hours I would take a teaspoon.

I have a really good diet and am vegetarian. I added more potassium, vitamin e, magnesium, coQ10 and take fiber and vegetable protein shakes and also grapefruit juice to aid in the detox process. I am now at 6 and a half days into withdrawal and I am shocked at how good I feel. Problems sleeping but for the most part I am pain free except for some tiredness. I’ve kept it a secret because I never took anything to get high it was just for a severe pain that I was having and got physically dependent. My body will always have a tolerance to opiates. I do not ever want to live that life again and I have not had urges despite seeing the love of my life relapse and die and I could do nothing to save him. Not even that has tempted me but kept me stronger than ever in that regard. Methadone is no joke. It kept me like a slave for years having to make sure that I took it with me if I was leaving the house for several days, having to make sure that I had it in stock and didn’t run out. Not being able to go on trips for too long of a time because I had to make sure I could have access to the medication.

Needless to say the sh** it does to your body that you don’t even know how it is killing you. Today I can say I’m finally free. I can’t believe that I did it without taking time off work and was just believing that I could do it. I still have methadone in my house which I’m about to pour down the sink. I never wanna see that crap again or be a slave to it. I know this is a long story but I needed to share with someone I am just so overjoyed. I hope that someone in the same situation or who is even worse off than me reads my story and has the courage to do it once and for all. Kratom will ease your symptoms to.

Congratulations! You’ve made a huge leap of success! I believe methadone does TERRIBLE things to your body. Did you ever take a look around at the other people in the clinic. Why does everyone look pregnant? After years of methadone use, the liver is damaged. I have no research on this to back me up, so take it with a grain of salt. I do know many long term methadone patients who have suffered liver damage. Often this damage is attributed to the patient’s past with heroin or other drugs, but if you hear the testimonies of these people, they believe it’s from the methadone. There is no way to truly prove methadone is safe due to the fact that there have not been long term methadone studies done on healthy adults who do not have a back ground of drug use, so the drug companies can always attribute any long term damage to the patient’s history, not to the methadone.




Congratulations! Your story is heartbreaking but you’re fighting your demons and that is something I can identify with. It sounds like you’re doing well with Kratom…that is awesome! I hope you never have to use methadone again, it’s almost unbelievable to me that they put you on it in the first place, especially that long. Unbelievable! I’m so happy you are finding your way with Kratom, and that you shared your story with us. I look forward to hearing about your progress…keep us updated!



It’s always wonderful to see Kratom help save lives by weening off of dubious substances. There are so many medicinal benefits to Kratom it almost kills me to think that politics are getting in the way of it potentially (and deservedly) become approved by the FDA as a supplement, right on the shelves alongside Kava and Valerian Root. Anyone seeking a “legal high” with Kratom will no doubt be disappointed to find out it is simply a fantastic remedy for many ailments, including depression, anxiety, pain relief, and a way to “get the monkey off the back” for some.

My Success Story Using Kratom To Get Off Opiates

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Kratom is an AMAZING, rarely spoken-of resource for opiate Detox. It is unfortunate the US is now trying to make it a Schedule I substance, similar to the likes of Cocaine, Heroin & Ecstasy.

Pretty much any medication or substance you take, your body will develop a dependence to it because it causes the body to change (it exerting its effects so it can work).

The key is recognizing this and not letting the use get out of hand, or turn into abuse.

Something else that anyone who is thinking of quitting opiates should consider is, no matter what, you will feel the effects of withdrawal, albeit physical or mental.

That’s your body’s way of expelling the toxic buildup of the drug in your body and trying to adjust to how it was before you started abusing. If you go into it with a positive, yet tolerant mindset things will be much easier for you.

using kratom to quit opiates

Be Grateful For Kratom
I did not do that the first few times, and ended up right back in the Lions Den because I expected things like Kratom to be a miracle based off a lot of what I read, and then when I still felt cravings, got so frustrated and felt it was not working for me, and gave in to temptation, rather than be so thankful for how much pain I was being saved from taking the Kratom.

quitting opiates with kratom

Kratom Dosages For Opiate Withdrawal
Depending on how much you abuse per day (I was blowing around 210mg of oxy a day for 3-4 years) and due to the very short half life and length of effects of Kratom, I found 6-7 grams, 3 to 4 times a day to be the perfect amount during Detox.

It varies per person, just make sure, if you start feeling euphoric effects from Kratom, you’re probably taking too much.

qutting opiates using kratom

As I mentioned earlier it can be addicting too, especially to people quitting opiates, who now have little to no chemicals in the brain producing pleasure, so anything that does you automatically gravitate towards.

During acute Detox I took around 6-7 grams, 3-4x per day, basically when I started to feel the symptoms coming back, and then once right before I went to bed so I could try to sleep.

I still had somewhat difficulty sleeping even on Kratom during acute Detox, but I am such a light sleeper anyways and attributed it to that, as when I have detoxed cold turkey I went as long as 4 days with 30 minutes of sleep.

quitting opiates with kratom

Take Care of Your Body
A crucial part a lot of people overlook while detoxing/abusing opiates is how much you have neglected your body. It is so vital during this stage that you nourish your body with clean, healthy foods, tons of veggies, a LOT of protein, and cut back on caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and sugar as they will cause you to crash.

It might seem like a quick fix initially, but, speaking from experience, you will regret it after a few hours (again, everyone is different, so maybe not!) another step that helped me not only quit Kratom, but through the early stages of Detox was FORCING myself to exercise, and do things that (prior to abusing pills) made me happy.

how to quit opiates with kratom

I truly underestimated the importance of exercising throughout this. I am 3 months clean currently and can say I would not be if it had not been for exercise. It took my mind off of cravings, made me feel relaxed and happy (huge plus, especially during Detox).

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