All About Akuamma Seeds / Powder

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All About Akuamma Seeds / Powder



Traditionally, Akuamma seeds have been used medicinally in West Africa to treat a number of conditions. Little is known about its precise origins, but it is generally understood that Akuamma was used in tropical regions of Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, etc.) as a folk medicine.

Akuamma has been revered the world over for its holistic pain relief. It is often sold as a bulk African trade botanical. It has been utilized as an anti-inflammatory all across the Ivory Coast.

In fact, a hospital in Ghana commenced with the manufacturing of Akuamma powder at one point, standardizing the dosage at 250 gram capsules. Their decision to do so resulted in extensive medical research being conducted to determine the veracity of its supposed medicinal value as an analgesic.

Akuamma became a staple of West African medicine because of its ability to fight pain, cure diarrhea, relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and assuage a number of other health problems including bulging discs, back injuries and sports injuries.


Akuamma’s two most potent alkaloids are akuammine and pericine. Akuammine is structurally in sync with mitragynine, the most effective alkaloid in kratom, and yohimbine which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is also used by veterinarians to reverse sedation in dogs.

Pericine binds to mu opioid receptors, loaning to Akuamma’s capacity for relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms or even mimicking the effects of opiates.


For decades, opioid abuse and addiction has been rampant in our society. According to an article from, published on February 28, 2017, in the last 16 years, more than 183,000 Americans have died from overdoses related to prescription opioids.

If more people were aware of an alternative treatment for chronic pain or discomfort, would we see less tragedy at the hands of Big Pharma? We undoubtedly would and Akuamma would be at the top of the heap in leading that charge.

The seed is a natural pain reliever which can not only offer similar benefits to that of traditional opiates and opiods but also ward off the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Akuamma is an opioid receptor agonist which makes it ideal for these purposes. Kratom Guides has listed it as one of ten opiate alternatives. Akuammicine has the highest affinity for kappa-opioid binding sites.

It has been said that the active Akuamma alkaloid pericine is six times more potent than Codeine and it is believed to possess anticonvulsant properties as well, making it the perfect herb for those suffering from the restlessness and potential for seizures that opiate withdrawal can bring on.


Synthetic studies suggest that the akuammiline alkaloids make for in vitro anti-malarial activity, supporting the idea that Akuamma is a strong antimalarial herb. It is regularly used across the globe in the treatment of diarrhea and malaria, but it has a host of other benefits as well. It is used to lower high BP (blood pressure) and to combat chronic pain.


Akuamma is known to induce a sense of well-being in addition to its pain relieving qualities. In certain doses, Akuamma is also a sedative. It is extremely similar to kratom in this regard.

There is much debate as to which one is more powerful and the vast majority of reviewers lean toward kratom as being the longer lasting and more potent of the two. With that being said, many users prefer Akuamma’s effects because they come on slower and more mildly which several first-time users find to be more pleasant.

The other key reason why some choose Akuamma over Kratom is because Akuamma is more readily available all over the world. Where kratom is illegal in several countries and in some regions of Canada and the US, Akuamma is totally legal across the board.


Generally, the recommended dosage for akuamma is set at 2 to 4 grams. However, some people take as much as 6 grams to unlock the full benefits of akuamma seeds. According to users on Reddit, as little as 1.5-1.7 grams are effective at relieving pain. They say that akuamma works and provides great pain relief.

There are a myriad of ways to prepare your akuamma. It is important to have a cheap scale with which to measure out your akuamma seed powder. Whether you are working with raw akuamma seeds or found akuamma seed powder, measurement is imperative.

A lot of users like to combine their akuamma with Goji berry to cut down on the bitterness of akuamma. In drink form, akuamma is also combined with lemon juice for this same reason.

It is often ground up by using a coffee grinder, but methods vary and everyone can find their own way to prepare it. Some have even suggested that you combine it with kratom when brewing an akkuama tea.


Just like every other herbal supplement out there, Akuamma can have some mild side effects. They include any or all of the following:

  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea

It is worth noting that none of these effects are lethal and they typically only occur in users who have consumer Akuamma in excess of 10 grams.


The most ubiquitous form of akuamma in the Western world is akuamma seed powder. Akuamma powder is readily available from a ton of online vendors and can be found in some head shops and smoke shops across Canada and the US.

It is important that consumers obtain freshly ground akuamma powder to achieve maximum benefits.


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Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) contains the active alkaloid Mitragynine which is understood to be the alkaloid responsible for its mood enhancement. This alkaloid is notably absent from Mitragyna javanica, but the plant makes up for its absence with mitrajavine that contains the alkaloid ajmalicine that is also in kratom. Ajmalicine is believed to reduce high blood pressure and alleviate stress.

Few people have studied the precise chemistry of Mitragyna javanica so there is little known about its contents. What we can tell you is that it appears to be somewhat effective when compared to kratom.

Kratom contains more than 40 alkaloids including the anticonvulsant Ajmalicine which accounts for its relaxing effects and makes it ideal for those suffering from opiate withdrawal. It also contains the antioxidant Epicatechin, the powerful analgesic 7-hydroxymitragynine, the immunostimulants Isomitraphyline, Isopteropodine and Isorhynchophylline, the dopamine-mediating anti-locomotives Corynoxine A and B, the muscle relaxant Paynantheine, the antihypertensive anti-inflammatory calcium channel blocker Rhynchophyline and the opioid agonist Speciociliatine.

It is unclear whether Mitragyna javanica contains as many active alkaloids as kratom, but what is clear is that it has risen to the top of the heap in terms of kratom alternatives.



Mitragyna javanica has garnered a reputation for offering mild euphoria and sedation. While it is generally considered to be weaker than Mitragyna speciosa, the effects are comparable in similar doses. Like kratom, it grows wild in parts of Southeast Asia, making it the closest compound to raw kratom.

It is the perfect option for those who have never tried kratom before. For first-time users, it is best to start out using Mitragyna javanica even if Mitragyna speciosa is legal in your area as it is milder and, thus, has less potential for adverse effects or accidental overdose.


Like kratom, Mitragyna javanica is user for its mild analgesic properties as well as an anxyiolytic, muscle relaxant and anti-diarrheal. Also like the Mitragyna speciosa plant, Mitragyna javanica has minor sedative effects.


People have been using Mitragyna javanica in Thailand for decades upon decades because, unlike its sister plant Mitragyna speciosa, it is 100% legal. When Mitragyna speciosa was banned in Thailand in the 1940’s, many factory workers turned to Mitragyna javanica to relieve their chronic back pain and other maladies.

It has been a popular folk medicine in its native land for quite some time.

Akuamma Seeds/Powder: Positive Effects and Negative Effects

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Positive Effects of Akuamma Seeds

As a pain killer

Akuamma seeds are known for their analgesic action. According to users on Reddit and various drug forums, they have been using the seeds to alleviate pain that is caused by Lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and migraine. According to them, that it’s a better alternative to opiates as it doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms and has little addiction profile. Moreover, it’s a natural solution, so it has fewer side effects. Taking two seeds daily has helped a lot of patients fight pain.

In different hospitals of Ghana, the seeds are sold under the brand name ‘Picap’ as a pain killer, and studies prove that it has potential analgesic activity. Physically active people can take the seeds alone for painful, sore muscles.

The best part about Akuamma seeds is that they act very quickly. The effects are visible within 15 to 30 minutes. However, users claim that the effects are not as strong as Kratom, but it helps a lot!!


One of the positive effects that are caused by Akuamma seeds includes sedation. For all those who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia and nightmares, akuamma seeds have proved fruitful as it has the sedative activity. Once taken before sleeping, it gives the best and most peaceful sleep. According to users, the calming effects appear within an hour, and the seeds have helped users with anxiety, pain, and stress to achieve peaceful sleep.

Produces a sense of relaxation

These seeds are known for reducing stress levels and providing an overall sense of well-being. The seeds have helped many users who face panic attacks and anxiety. When this drug is taken, it helps in relaxing the mental state and produces calmness.

Anti-parasitic action

Akuamma seeds are known for their anti-parasitic action. They specifically act against Trypanosoma, which is a protozoon with a single flagellum. It causes diseases like African sleeping sickness, Leishmaniasis, and Chagas diseases. According to a study ‘J Ethnopharmacol: 1989 May 25: 263-8’ Akuamma seeds have a trypanocidal effect, but its pharmacology is unknown as yet.

Anti-malarial action

Picralima nitida seeds and other parts of fruit and stem bark have been investigated in vitro for antimalarial action. The seeds showed inhibitory activity against the resistant strains of Plasmodium such as Falciparum. Two alkaloids akuammine, and alstonine are important in the therapy of malaria Thus it is considered as a potential antimalarial drug.


One of the alkaloid ‘Akuammicine’ present in the seeds is demonstrated to have anti-diabetic properties. The alkaloid promotes the uptake of glucose into the cells thus reducing plasma levels of glucose, like that of insulin.

Adverse effects of Akuamma Seeds

Bitter flavor of seeds

The worst thing that we know about Akuamma seeds is that it has a very bitter taste. It is even worse than that of Kratom. You won’t like taking the seeds directly because most probably you will vomit or you may feel nauseous after the intake of seeds. Chewing the seeds is out of the question. Users reported that since they are bothered by the taste of the seeds they usually grind the seeds in the blender, then add some turmeric powder and place it in capsules. This way they can avoid the bad taste of the seeds.  If you take it in the powder form or tea, you can add sweetener to offset the bitterness.


If a larger dosage such as 2 grams or more of Akuamma seeds is taken, then there are possibilities that you might experience a headache, but usually, at such large dose, you will also be sedated.

Hyperkalemia and hypernatremia

The seeds can cause ion regulatory disturbances which include slightly increased levels of Potassium and Sodium in the plasma, but it is not significant enough to cause any problem.


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I Speak for the Trees!

I Speak for the Trees!

A journey finding pain relief and other benefits from the leaves of the Kratom tree and my reasons for working to keep it legal.

By Susan Ash, MS

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!” The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss reminds me of my former life as a professional, paid “tree-hugger,” a never-ending source of amusement for my family and friends who’d watched me turn into a hippie (well, as close as I could get at age 16. From that book comes my motto; “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” I used to speak for entire forests; large ecosystems our whole planet depends on. Now I speak for one tree that saved me, and for my right to purchase and consume it as I choose.

Park RangerBorn and raised in Virginia, I began my career 25 years ago as a Park Ranger in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. I’d received a Bachelor’s of Science from Old Dominion University (ODU) and was already a budding environmentalist, having founded ODU’s first environmental club. I spent three summers proudly wearing my “Smokey Bear” uniform, surrounded by the majestic beauty of a park owned by the American public. A life-long obsession with protecting public lands and natural resources was born, and I left Bryce (seen here, caught off guard behind the info. desk) in pursuit of a Master’s of Science in Forestry from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Degree in hand, I went west to spend many years living my dream of getting paid to save the earth. This required frequent outdoor site visits to the forests and wildernesses I was trying to protect. It was the perfect job and it was, like the Lorax’s, my life, too.

I moved to Oregon in 2000 to run wilderness, old growth forest and endangered species campaigns. I began experiencing a myriad of inexplicable health problems that ranged in severity and was diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia” and “treated” with narcotics. A lot of narcotics. And not only did they work, they gave me energy, decreased crippling anxiety, and made me happy. Every time I had a prescription filled, I felt like I’d hit the lottery. In 2008, plagued with too many symptoms to list, getting sicker and sicker, I became unable to care for myself. Heartbroken and devastated, home I went to live with my parents (after making sure my doctor sent me off with three months’ worth of pills).

Two years went by on these meds, while suffering symptoms such as temporary paralysis, confusion, exhaustion and fatigue, slurred speech, unbearable neck, back, hip, knee and joint pain, daily flu-like symptoms, drenching night sweats, fevers, chills, migraines and digestive problems. This was no fibromyalgia! I traveled from doctor to doctor to doctor in search of answers. I finally got one in 2010 when my pain management doctor tested me and confirmed my diagnosis; late stage Lyme disease. All those years spent in the woods, dozens of doctors familiar with my vocation, and not one thought to test me for it.

SurgeryMy case was so severe I began a 10-month journey with daily intravenous antibiotics (that’s me in the picture, too) followed by nearly 2 years of expensive non-traditional, not covered by insurance and experimental-type treatments (since there is no cure). As my tolerance grew, I was prescribed higher and higher doses of morphine. At one point I made a decision, with the help and encouragement of my family, to stop taking morphine and see if I could tolerate the pain on my own. I went to a doctor who prescribed me a weeks’ worth of Suboxone(Buprenorphine), a drug designed to limit withdrawals, and promised me it would be a pretty painless process. But with that promise came accusations that I was a drug addict. I left his office offended and angry, but determined. Sure, I took more than prescribed at times but I’d never gotten my meds from other doctors, never doctor shopped, bought pills illegally, wouldn’t dare touch a needle and I’d never run out early enough to suffer withdrawals. I didn’t know anyone who abused drugs. I dabbled in recreational drugs when I was younger, but that was the extent of it.

This doctor neglected to give me proper directions for Suboxone, I took it before I had withdrawal symptoms, and my body went into precipitated withdrawals that lasted 10 full, excruciating days (he did admit liability after the fact). I was convinced I was going to die, and if I didn’t, I wanted to. I thought I was losing my mind. You’d think that entire experience would have sworn me off narcotics for good, but my pain was just too severe. In 2010 I went back into pain management, was prescribed even more powerful drugs and for the first time in my life I started running out early and getting a monthly “flu,” that always lasted 3-5 days. That’s when I discovered Kratom.

The leaves of Kratom (Mytragyna Speciosa) a tree from Southeast Asia in the coffee family, have been used for hundreds of years to treat opiate withdrawals and pain, among many other things. It was suggested to me in an online support group for Lyme Disease to avoid withdrawals. I ordered it online and it worked! But I kept going back to the pain clinic. I kept getting newer and stronger medicines. And then it all came crashing down around me. There’s no need to go into detail here. Let’s just say an unexpected visit to “see” me wound up becoming a 45-day vacation from life that I didn’t ask for, and much, much more.

I still suffer many symptoms from the Lyme disease. Pain, fatigue and chronic nausea are the worst of them. It’s been a struggle to get up and out of bed for a long time. I was done with pain and fed up with the side effects and associated addiction issues of prescription narcotics. I needed something to help me. I remembered Kratom. I’m a scientist so I researched any dangers and risks, and came up with the following information. It is an all-natural, safer alternative to opiate pain medications and other prescription drugs, causes few side effects and unlike opiates, does not cause respiratory depression which can be deadly . You can’t take too much or your body will reject it. With daily use you can develop dependency, as with almost anything. Stopping use abruptly, like its family member coffee, can lead to withdrawal symptoms. If this happens, while symptoms will be different for everyone, the leading complaint based on anecdotal reports from a study in the Journal of Addiction, is a runny nose. I decided I would use it wisely, responsibly, take breaks, and always have a plan in place to taper down and off of it to avoid discomfort.

Late night Deerfield beach but Kratom extract

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i have been in a mess for so long and Jen will it end my gosh

A bit of info about Kava

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  • MILDEST – KAVA ROOT ONLY CAPSULES:  This product is perfect for those who want to experience homeopathic serving sizes of Kava.  It’s the gentlest, mildest form we offer, and in easy-to-ingest capsules.  You don’t have to deal with any messy extractions, no bitter taste.  You can just take a couple capsules and get your first Kava experience.  (Part of the Kava experience is the numbing of the mouth when it’s first ingested, though.)
    • BEST FOR: Those sensitive to Kava. This is an extremely popular item, partly because it’s a great introduction to Kava. The effects are the mildest of any of our Kava products, but for many of our return customers, it’s more than enough. Capsules help ease the release of Kavalactones into our system, so those of us who are sensitive to any herbs find great help with our Powdered Kava Capsules.
  • LESS MILD – INSTANT KAVA ROOT: Instant Kava Root is the gentlest, partly because it has a small serving size.  It’s also the most palatable Kava root we offer, so it’s often a good choice for beginners.
    • BEST FOR: Those who don’t want the messiness of powdered Kava root, but who want something with a little more “kick” than the Kava Root Only Capsules. This is also for
  • REGULAR – POWDERED KAVA ROOT:  This one can be the gentlest Kava’s because the 2 tablespoon serving size, especially when it’s not fully extracted, can make a gentle Kava drink.  But, with any of the Kava products we offer, one can place whatever amount of Kava they want when making an extraction.  For me, I use 4 tablespoons of Kava powder for each drink, just because I like the extra kick it provides me.
    • BEST FOR: Everything plus sociability and tradition. Powdered Kava Root is the bread and butter of and Kona Kava Farm. Powdered Kava Root that’s extracted into a drink is at the very heart of Oceania. Not only are you partaking in a 3,000 year-old tradition, you’re experiencing Kava the way countless throughout Oceania experienced Kava for millennia. The effects are right in the middle, but the great thing about Powdered Kava Root is that it can be the heart of any social situation.  Enjoying a few “shells” of Kava throughout an evening can be one of the more pleasurable experiences in one’s day. Our powdered root customers use this particular product for everything from simply feeling the pleasurable effects of Kava, to helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, to helping with mild pain, especially when it’s lower back pain.
  • STRONGER – KAVALACTONE 33% CAPSULES:  These capsules are one of our Top Sellers, by both newbies and veterans alike.  With such a concentrated serving of Kava, you will get the effects of Kava, without any of the mess.  These are a solid first choice for those unsure about Kava, and often what we recommend to those who want Kava without the fuss or the mess of extractions.
    • BEST FOR: Back pain and insomnia. This is the classic “Kava as a Remedy” capsule. Most of our customers who need long-term relief from pain and anxiety look to our Kavalactone 30/33 percent capsules. We all know how easy capsules are to consume, and taking capsules feels natural when we’re hoping to ward off lower back pain, to help de-stress us during difficult days, or to help us gain a restful night’s sleep.
  • STRONGER – KAVA TINCTURE/TINCTURE PLUS: Our tinctures have 3% or 6% of Kavalactone content in them.  On average, good Kava root has about 12% Kavalactone content in it.  So, when 2 dropperfuls of Kava Tincture Plus is taken, you get an effect similar to gulping down an entire shell (glass) of Powdered Kava Root.
    • BEST FOR: Quick pain, stress or anxiety fixes. This is our most portable product. For those who like to enjoy their Kava throughout the day, this little bottle of enjoyment has numerous servings at your fingertips. We have one employee who successfully got himself off of pharmaceutical anxiety medication because of this product. It’s unobtrusive, easy to carry with you, and the liquid form of Kava absorbes very quickly. This is my personal favorite for simply feeling the pleasant feelings of well-being and mild euphoria that Kava has been known to induce.
  • STRONGEST – INSTANT KAVA SINGLES: These little packets can pack a punch, so even though they’re small, they contain a form of Kava that’s water soluble and oh so easy to mix up into something quite Kava.  These are not yet as popular as we expected, but we’re sure that once they catch on, they’ll be a big hit.
    • BEST FOR: Pleasure, in-the-moment anxiety. These convenient singles are for those who really like to feel the punch of Kava. All of the benefits of Kava are still safely experienced with this product, but this product definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. These single-serving packets are completely water soluble, and can be dropped into any liquid of your choice. Can be great for in-the-moment bouts of anxiety. Just drop the packet into some liquid, and feel the relief within minutes.
  • STRONGEST – KAVALACTONE 55% PASTE: This is the strongest Kava product we offer, and certainly NOT for newbies.  The serving size is just 1/8th of a teaspoon, so it doesn’t take much to supercharge your Kava experience.
    • BEST FOR: Strong effects, all the above. This is for those heavy hitters who really like to feel the punch of Kava. All of the benefits of Kava are still safely experienced with this product, but this product definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. Many of our long-time Kava customers enjoy the Kavalactone 55% Paste right out of the jar, while others add a pea-sized amount to kick up their Kava drinks. This is the product we use most often here, but it’s definitely a product for the more experienced Kava Connoisseur.

Kratom Myth Buster

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Kratom Myth Buster

Myths about Kratom

For all our Kratom newbies out there, let us start by busting some reoccurring Kratom myths. When it comes to Kratom many people tend to jump to conclusions; fearing what they don’t know. Although it is important to take precautions, it is also important to cipher through what is real and what is not. So let’s jump into it.

First and foremost, Kratom is NOT illegal. The reason behind Kratom’s illegality in Thailand and Malaysia has nothing to do with Kratom itself but its interference with the opium trade. In the US mitragyna speciosa is placed on a watch list as with most food supplements but it is not illegal. Kratom’s illegality in some states also does not mean it is dangerous; officials are just too lazy to do their research. The real issue with Kratom is ignorance.


Cool Dj Mix

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This Dj sent me this mix and about 8 others, the email said, I made these mixes while I was using kratom.  Thanks to a lot of work and many blessing, I’m able to have a life again and make some music.