Kratom Saved me from a life of Slavery ! South Flordia oxycodone No MORE ! I’m FREE

Kratom Saved me from a life of Slavery ! South Flordia oxycodone No MORE ! I’m FREE

by Editor |February 2, 2018 | F2 Kratom Life Experience
Free From Heroine and Pain Pills.

I was a heroin addict for 3+ years. I would do bundle after bundle every day. I would try to quit but whenever I did my phone would ring and someone would ask me for some simple favor and offer some freebies for it. This happened over and over again. I saw more blue people than I want to ever remember and narrowly avoided jail or prison many times.

I asked my mom if she would help me and get me into an inpatient rehab. I would have tried outpatient but I knew better. I had gone to the parking lot of outpatient rehabs numerous times to try to score when I was desperate. She was not willing to help me at all and pretty much told me to deal with it.

I eventually devised a plan to get clean. I called my mom and told her a lie that I was joining the military. I said I wanted to see her before I went off to boot camp. She lived up in the mountains in CA. She accepted my offer and let me come out there. Once I got there she wanted me to go out and do things such as going shopping. The wd was so bad I could not get out of bed. She kept asking me what was wrong and I eventually told her. We went to a Dr. and I got put on methadone (DO NOT DO THIS). The WD was far more mild but lasted way longer. It was awful. I was still having withdrawals several months after I stopped taking the methadone. I had also tried suboxone with little to no effect due to the severity of my addiction. I eventually got put on xanax for my anxiety. This would help ease the wd a bit but not enough to take them away. I kept feeling the urge to get a hold of some oxy’s, Dilaudid, fentanyl, and of course H. I feared what could possibly happen so I did some research.

Now for the kratom part of this story. I purchased my first kratom from a reputable vendor. I bought some red vein crushed leaves and some powder to start out with. I had read that extracts increased the chances of dependency greatly so I stayed away from that. I was amazed at how it would take the cravings away but not make me feel very drugged up. I would experience severe nausea if I tried to take more than a responsible dose. I would take it 1-3 times a day varying dosages. Eventually I found that I would need to take it less and less to ease the symptoms. I kept cutting back my kratom usage and eventually got to a point to where I no longer needed anything to ease my symptoms. I was completely amazed and very happy about this. Now I keep several strains of kratom around but use it very sparingly. Maybe once every three months at most. I have left quite a bit out but I will try to remember more and come back and edit accordingly. That is the gist of it though.

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