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Kratom saved my life , I use to be a heroin addict for about 4 years, been to rehab so many times.   Finally I found kratom, wow I could live again and remain sober !  Life was GREAT AGAIN !  This plant that is part of the coffee family, and has been in use in Asia for thousands of years.  You can take kratom in tea form, by it self , or maybe mix the powdered leaf in with your morning orange juice, whatever works best for you !!! I take it everyday for my arthritis and it works awesome!!

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O MY GOSH wow , I love florida and I love the fun in the sun , I can live my life again.  OMG , medical issues had me so F@#ked up man I was 32 living like I was 89 F@#K man.  Kratom has GIVEN me my life back, Its working so very well for my pain and for my depression.  As the years have gone on I have been getting worse and worse as far as my depression goes.  To the point of staying in  bed for up to about 6-7 Days wow.  Kratom really really has given me my motivation back again if you know what I mean.  I just feel so much better again.

I take my Kratom in different ways, One way that I like to take my kratom is steeping it in distilled water with a dash of lemon juice , citric acid helps bring out the alkaloids of the plant so i have been told not sure if it’s the plasibo effect LoL don’t notice that much difference when I leave out the citric acid  , mind you that all strains work for this white , green , red , gold/yellow of all kinds green thai , mang da , borneo , bali , white hulu the list goes on and on.

What I will do also with my kratom and my kratom dosages and how I administer my kratom is vary it up.  So some days I put my kratom in capsules and take it this way.  Other times I take the kratom right off the kilo with a tea spoon and a bottle of water and slug it back.  In 6 years , I have done this 3 times and threw up ! I have a sensitive stomach etc.  Most of the time its no prob at all taking my kratom in this way, it’s actually more of an issue getting kratom powder on my cloths especially when I was at work in the bathroom and had to be quick, f@#k one time I came out and it was all over my shoulder , i was in a tie it was funny.

Also what I like to do with the kratom is make my own extract , Using 2 different methods I have made an AMAZING extract OMG Been getting some dope dope reviews from my kratom extract !

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