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Some Kratom Success Stories

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Success Stories:


“I’m 26 years old and have been addicted to opiates for almost 5 years now. I’ve tried to quit taking opiates with both methadone and suboxone prescribed by a licensed physician and then found that I was extremely addicted to these which were harder to get off of then opiates themselves. I was starting to feel pretty hopeless with no real hope in sight. I thought I would never be able to overcome the withdrawals which is when a miracle happened and I found Kratom. It’s been an absolute life saver and I thank God for helping me find Kratom. I have stopped injecting drugs and taking prescription pills which allowed me to start my life again and go back to work. It’s not mind altering for me at all. It makes me feel normal and gets rid of the anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Kratom I have would eventually ended up dead from the withdrawals. I would never have been able to stop on my own. Kratom not only allowed me to stop, it saved my life.” – Garrett M
“I am a Veteran that was injured in battle. I am also on a fixed income.  Luckily for me I found a Kratom company who gave me a lifetime Veteran discount and took the time to work with me.  Kratom has helped me and countless other Vets to deal with injuries or even to get off of prescription opiates.  I told my VA doctor about Kratom and my concerns with the pain killers that I was being given. He looked into it and told me to keep taking Kratom, which I have.  I even share my Kratom with other Vets on fixed income and it’s been a blessing.  For those putting their lives on the line, we need to keep supplements like Kratom legal. We don’t need any more vets with opiate/ pain killer addictions.”  – Danny C
Kratom helped me to stop my opiate addiction.  I had a sports injury years ago which is where my addiction to opiates began.  I was ok for a few years and then, before I realized it, I was addicted.  The addiction ruined my relationships and my career.  A friend of mine had been taking Kratom for a recent injury and emailed me some information on it.  After reading about it, I figured that I would try making a Kratom tea and go from there.  20 minutes after trying the Kratom tea I noticed a change.  I didn’t have the knee pain and I didn’t crave the pain killers.  It was the first time I’d felt like this in over 6 years.  Every time I felt a craving, I replaced it with Kratom which worked like a charm.  It prevented the typical withdrawal symptoms and within a few weeks I’d began repairing my broken relationships and was working a full time job again with a bright future ahead.  It brought me to tears as I began to see myself return.  We need to keep Kratom legal for the hundreds of thousands of US citizens who need it.” – James S
These are Just A few of THOUSANDS!!!

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What Is Red Dragon Kratom? Origin, Effects And Dosage


Red Dragon Kratom is the perfect strain for people who want to keep up with the fast-paced life. It is considered to act just like Red Thai Kratom but is much pricier than it.

Being relatively new in the market, Red Dragon Kratom has received a lot of appreciation, particularly for its effects to bring tranquility and calmness to life.

It considered among the best strains to enhance the senses and energizes the body to have a new outlook on life.

What is Red Dragon Kratom?

The name Red Dragon Kratom is indicative of the strain’s leaves that have a reddish hue. This Kratom species is said to possess pain relieving and stress reducing properties incorporated in its natural chemical composition.

Red leaves of Dragon Kratom are also known to stimulate the brain and enhance mental concentration. This makes a person more wakeful and alert.

As mentioned before, Red Dragon Kratom mirrors the effects produced by Red Thai Kratom. This resemblance is so high that some users even report no difference in the results provided by either of these strains.

Red Dragon Kratom is also known to mimic the effects of caffeine, making the brain to drift off or make it more heedful.

The strain has potent medicinal properties, setting the bar for the best Kratom strain at a reasonably high level.

What is Red Dragon Kratom

Origin of Red Dragon Kratom

The strain of Red Dragon Kratom is mysterious, and no exact information is available about its origin.

Some of the sources say that this strain comes from an exclusive type of Mitragyna speciosa tree that grows in the deepest jungles of South East Asia.

The leaves are picked from the most mature plantation of Mitragyna growing in areas like Thailand and Malaysia.

The climate and the soil condition of these areas work together to produce one of the most exquisite forms of Kratom.

The weather conditions and the soil fertility are also responsible for the high alkaloid content in Red Dragon Kratom.

This strengthens its ability to produce therapeutic effects and makes it one of the most potent strains of Kratom.

What are the effects of Red Dragon Kratom?

Red Dragon Kratom is useful for keeping the users upbeat and maintaining health. Owing to its high alkaloid content, this strain can successfully produce the following effects on the body:

  • Renewal of energy

Red Dragon Kratom is reliable for those who observe a lazy lifestyle and require a boost of energy.

This strain will work its best to maximize the physical strength, enhance the mental alertness, and useful for muscle relaxation. Order Kratom from our high-trusted online vendor here.

Red leaves of Dragon Kratom work like coffee to stimulate the brain and generate cerebral energy. This will clear the mind and induce vitality.

For those who already observe a healthy lifestyle, this strain might be useful at the midday when the energy levels are down.

Using Red Dragon Kratom will provide sufficient amount of energy to keep going through the day.

  • Stress control

Red Dragon Kratom is also famous for its anti-depression effects on the mind. It supports a positive attitude by calming the nerves and getting rid of stressful thoughts.

The strain can also release mental tensions and reduce nervousness, leading to a better and optimistic life.

Additionally, it can even relieve anxiety attacks and increases the ease of managing social interactions.

  • Analgesic effect

Because Red dragon Kratom has a higher concentration of alkaloids, it can actively work within the body to get rid of pains.

It is an excellent alternative to the conventional painkillers that may cause damage to the body.

Red Dragon Kratom has a high concentration of Mitragynine, an alkaloid that works just like an opioid.

It activates mu-opioid receptors in the brain and relieves both acute and chronic pain. Its applications include migraines, vascular pains, pain due to arthritis and muscle aches.

Analgesic effect

  • Sedative property

Red Dragon Kratom provides favorable effects to reduce the trouble faced while sleeping. It shits off the brain just before going to sleep and puts it in a restful state.

Moreover, it also produces physical relaxation that further aids through the transition to sleep.

This strain is better than the standard prescription drugs for insomnia as it is natural and does not produce any side effects.

Additionally, Red Dragon Kratom induces a peaceful sleep and helps the body to revitalize itself for the next day.

How much Red Dragon Kratom to take?

To obtain maximum effects from Red Dragon Kratom, it is important to follow the accurate dosage. The dosage of this strain varies from person to person and mostly depends on the reason why they are using it.

For example, if treatment of pain requires high doses and if the strain is not taken sufficiently, the pain and soreness might still exist.

Mentioned below are the accurate dose regimens to follow to use Red Dragon Kratom for various purposes.

  • Dose of high energy

To enhance focus and increase the physical energy, 2 grams of Red Dragon Kratom will be sufficient. The effects can slightly vary from one user to another by their metabolic speed.

However, it is essential to start with 2 grams and gradually move to higher doses. This will provide enough time to the body to make adjustments and prevent the development of side effects.

  • Dose for stress relief

Those who wish to use Red leaves of Dragon Kratom for stress relief or anxiety attacks, the starting dose must be around 6 grams.

The dose can then be increased slowly according to the severity of stress and intensity of the anxiety attacks. Order Kratom from our high-trusted online vendor here.

The strain starts producing sedation as soon as it is ingested. So, do not consume it in a high dose during times when the body needs to be alert.

  • Dose for pain alleviation

While using Red Dragon Kratom for alleviating pain, the quantity of this strain taken in a single dose must be higher than 6 grams.

It will produce a high level of drowsiness, but at the same time, it will provide relief from body aches and neuropathic pain.

  • Dose for treating insomnia

For obtaining best results to treat insomnia and other sleep-related problems, take Red Dragon Kratom in a dose of 4 to 5 grams. It is best to take this strain only a few hours before going to bed.

However, for high strung users, it should be consumed during daytime to get complete results by bedtime. Remember that Red Dragon Kratom is not a replacement for a sleeping aid.

It exerts organic effects on the body that can calm down the body and release the mental tension, making it easier for the users to fall asleep.


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What are the Beneficial Effects of Kratom Stem & Vein?

kratom stem and veinFormerly thought of only as waste, kratom stem & vein is now being viewed by some as a viable source of health benefits. In our eco-conscious modern world, we are perpetually looking for ways to waste less and get the most out of all of our resources. Kratom is no exception. As with many herbal remedies, there may indeed be uses for all parts of this healing plant from Southeast Asia. The effects may be able to balance out the mechanisms of normal kratom powder and capsules and may help with tolerance symptoms. However, the availability of kratom stems and veins may make them a rare treat for most. Here are the facts about this latest mini-trend in kratom usage and where to get this product online.

What Is Meant By Stem & Vein?

Every leaf is composed of 3 elements – the thick stem connecting it to the tree, radiating veins which deliver nutrients, and the flat, broad tissue containing most of the leaf’s bioactive compound.

Anyone who has cooked with organic greens like kale or chard are familiar with the process – we separate the leafy tissue from the thick central stem and veins before eating. Intuitively, we know that these sections will be less dense with nutritional power, and kratom is the same way. For this reason, kratom farmers have developed the harvesting practice known as “premium,” in which the leaf tissue is intentionally separated from the stems and veins, which are then discarded.

But this organic matter is not devoid of healing power. In fact, there are special, naturally-forming alkaloid compounds within these sections which may not exist in the same concentrations anywhere else in the plant.

How Unique Alkaloids May Influence the Effects

Unfortunately there has been very little serious research into the exact composition of this material, but we do know that there are enough unique alkaloids to create the effects of kratom stem & vein. There is a higher concentration here of Uncaria alkaloids like Mitraphylline, Rhynchophylline, and Corynantheidine. These alkaloids act as µ-opioid receptor and Betag-2-adrenergic and antagonists in the body.

Read User Reviews on the Best Kratom Strains.

Many people believe that the effects of kratom and the reason it works are not due to any single alkaloid, but rather the interaction of all of the more than 40 alkaloids present together. This would be a compelling reason to retain the entire leaf during the harvesting process, but would also discourage the intentional consumption of just stem and leaf. What do users who’ve tried it say?

User Reports on Kratom Stem & Vein

Overall, the user-reported benefits of kratom stem & vein do indeed seem to indicate lower potency. However, there were some interesting quirks to this product:

  • More sedating and relaxing than companion full leaf powders of the same strain.
  • Much longer time until onset of effects.
  • Much longer total duration of effects – as much as 30 percent longer.

Perhaps the longer onset is due to the extra digestion time this denser plant material requires.

Are Stem & Leaf Products Worth the Money?

buy kratom stem and veinThe problem with assessing the cost benefits of stem and vein is that these products are not as widely available as processed Kratom powders or even capsules. There is simply a much larger market for de-veined Kratom. In fact, they are only carried on a few reputable online vendor sites, like the high quality Borneo Stem & Vein product from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. When you are able to find this rarity online, be sure to grab a decent supply before it disappears again.

Most users agree that these variations are very interesting, with unique benefits, but may not be potent enough to use on their own. Some have suggested that mixing kratom stems & veins into regular powder will boost the duration of effects nicely, adding a warming and deeply relaxing quality to any other strain. Usually a ratio of 20-40% stem and vein will work in this regard

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A Kratom Conversation , Buy Cheap Kratom Extract Buy Cheap Kratom USA

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  1. Wow if there is one drug that I cannot figure out how to properly dose with the first time trying, it is Kratom. I have done preliminary research but cant decide how much I should be ordering off the internet. Some have varieties such as super, or super premium, some sell powdered but in capsules, others as dried foliage.

    My goal here is to use a relatively low dose the first time to experiment with its effects before deciding if I need to increase dose in subsequent trials. Due to all the various techniques and types of kratom that are being advertised online, I dont know where to start with what I should order. Should I take it by oral capsule, or steep it into tea? How many grams would be considered a light first time dose? Should I order premium, super premium, super, extra strength, or just regular kratom?
    I need a recommendation from someone with more experience

    it is best to titrate your dose with tea the first time

    take 5 or 10 gms of powdered or shredded leaf (if you are opioid tolerant you may need even more), steep it in hot water for 15 mins, drink it slowly over the course of 30 mins to an hour. stop when you feel good or if you start to get dizzy/nauseous, and note how much of the tea you’ve drank. now multiply that fraction by however much kratom you steeped, and you know a good dose for e.g. capsules or “toss and wash”
    that way you dont choke back a bunch of capsules only to realize you dosed way too high and end up spewing everywhere and feeling really shitty.

    ^^^^ That sounds like a pretty damn good method. Otherwise I’d maybe email the site your ordering from and ask just how strong the kratom your ordering is, as well as just ordering said sites standard kratom. (if it’s your first time I don’t see any need to get the strongest stuff)

    The problem with dosing kratom is that all of the “premium”, “super premium” etc. grades are completely arbitrary. The same goes for the so called strains like “Maeng Da” and “Red Vein”. There is some difference, sure, but most of the nominal differences are just about marketing. Without sourcing, which is against the TOS, we would have no idea how strong what you’re receiving actually is. My experience is that a lot of the times, “regular” is almost as strong as whatever they say their best is. My best advice would be to just start slow and titrate upwards.

    As far as ROAs go, I personally just plug and chug (tbuy bulk powder, put it in a spoon, swallow it and wash it down with water or some other beverage). However, I have a very strong stomach, so I don’t know how much I would recommend this to most people. Tea seems like the most innocuous way, but the problem is the water-solubility of the alkaloids in kratom. They’re somewhat soluble in water, but don’t just steep for 3 mins like regular tea; steeping for more like 20 is better. It will be bitter, but that’s just how it is. You could go pills, but then you would have to wait a little but for the outside to dissolve, so titration would be harder.

    Kratom is an enigmatic drug. I don’t know that there have been any fatal overdoses due to it (I believe people have died on it, but have always had other drugs more attributable to the OD in their systems). However, you can end up feel pretty nauseous from taking too much.

    TL;DR: I’d just buy some of their regular powdered strain. Then (if you can) plug and chug about 3-5 grams. Wait about 20 minutes. See how you feel. Rinse and repeat.

    Thank you for the responses everyone. I am going to order some and experiment, anecdotes seem to convey only a vague sense of what this drug does to you so I guess trying it myself is the next step. Dosage information is what I really needed clarification on.

    I would recommend 2.5-5 grams for the first time. Any higher and you risk side effects.

    Personally, after over 6 months of use, I still often just take 2.5-3grams. A friend of mine prefers the 4.5-6gram range (he also has worse side effects: i.e. frustration & irritability). My wife hates the drug at any dose. The point is that it may vary from person to person. I would start low and take your time learning how this drug effects you.

    My question about dosage is in terms of daily use. I’ve been getting the powder of all sorts white vein, Bali, and
    have been using it daily for about 2 months. I’m starting out with 4 grams in the morning, then 4 early afternoon,
    then 4 again in the evening. Since I’m tossing and washing, (yuuuuuuk!!)tossing it with a spoon, im not sure how accurate this is but it would be safe to say I’m doing 12-14 grams over the course of a day. I have read posts about “doses”, but
    not so many about daily use. So I’d like to know if I’m in the moderate range or am I doing too much. The euphoric effects
    are nice but when I wake up I feel like shit for a couple of hours, so I don’t know if the benefits outweigh this.
    Night sweats are noticeable, other variables being since I’m a female, is this a function of menopause as well? And I’m pretty sure I’m hard pressed to find anyone who could elaborate on this, but I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could. What makes more complicated is having 3 weeks out from a reasonable taper off hydrocodone, and 1 week a per off an antidepressa