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Wow I have so so many people to thank along my jorunet to living a clean and sober life.  I now realize how selfish I was, what a peace of shit i was then.
My path I was on destroyed so much in my life besides my self, I could not do meetings and never really found a friend @ any of them… It felt so clickish and cult like, really I believe that it is because I have a problem with god.  It just dident work so well for me
I LOVE MY MOM and I was such a loser jagg off, we still don’t talk well @ all today.
MOM I”M SORRY , And I love you and one day I want u 2 realize that I’m not a bumb and not a loser.  I have been working 10-15 hr days 7 days a week.  It just seems that it just keeps getting worse, the people around my mom will do anything to make me look like a junkie peace of shit.  They believe that if they do that my mom will leave them some money when she dies.  ITS NOT FAIR ALL I WANT IS A MOM a RELATIONSHIP WITH HER , I DON”T FUCKING CARE ABOUT MONEY …
Thank U 2 all those on my journey that have helped me THANK U especially U Chuck !
I stayed @ that place below for 5 months it was so horrible they cooked old food and was such a tough time.