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Kratom can be used to overcome chronic Alcoholism!!

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Kratom Success Story!!!! :



 I’ve used Kratom as a tool to overcome my chronic alcoholism with incredible success.

Every day I used to be burdened with overwhelming anxiety and depression that I self-medicated with alcohol for close to 10 years (I’m 30 now). This led to nothing but problems with every aspect of my life. Physically before I found Kratom, and it helping me feel confident, rather than burdened with life, I was throwing up blood, my heart pounding in my chest, and my blood pressure was always around 155/95 due to hiding from life through a bottle.

I’ve tried to seek help through A.A., recovery programs, prescribed anti-depressants etc., even through diet and exercise… they all inevitably failed me and I would resort back to habitual drinking.

After searching for options, I’ve discovered many people were able to stay sober from hard drugs and alcohol through Kratom. Today, I feel like a success story, in every way because of Kratom. Its helped me overcome my crippling depression and anxiety. I met a wonderful women and eventually had a beautiful child.

I now spend my days not hiding in a bottle, but actually living life for the 1st time in my entire adult life. Spending my days as a successful financial provider for my wife and child, supporting them emotionally with quality time, laughter, and affection.

I consider myself as healthy as I’ve ever been. I’ve got a new lease on life. Though, since hearing about the FDA’s harsh criticisms and their desire to criminalize Kratom (which I know in my heart are unfounded). I’m very concerned for the future of my quality of life. Please listen to others like me, some in even more dire circumstances. This plant has literally given us the ability, whether it be emotional, physical, or both; to start living life on life’s terms again.

                                                                                                           Morgan Riley
Wow!!! That is awesome!!! I didn’t know Kratom can be used to help with Alcoholism too!! I learn something new everyday!!! GOOO KRATOM!!!

Different Ways to administer your Kratom

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How to Take and Dose Kratom

Following on from our introduction to Kratom, I want to elaborate in more detail how to take it and how to find the right Kratom dosage for you. Kratom really does have a “sweet spot” more so than a lot of other compounds so it requires a bit of trial and error, starting off low then increasing your amount. Don’t let this put you off, however, as this process can be a lot of fun!

It helps to be informed. Don’t be one of those people that take’s either too much or too little Kratom just one time, doesn’t experience the results they expect and then gives up. That’s not how it works and it will be doing a disservice to the powers of this plant.

Ways to Take Kratom Powder

As discussed, Kratom powder is ingested rather than smoked. Here are some popular methods for consuming it:

Toss n’ Wash: Again, this is the simplest, quickest way to get Kratom in your system and the method I typically use. I measure out the amount I need into a glass, gently tip the powder into my mouth, swill it around then swallow. Some people use a teaspoon to scoop it into their mouth and you can split it into as many mouthfuls as you prefer (i.e. not the whole amount at once). See my tips for Toss n’ Washing Kratom to learn how do it without throwing up.

Make a Tea: This is another popular method that I’ve already mentioned. You boil up the powder with some water for 30 minutes or so, let it sit, then strain off the liquid. Some people feel this results in better and more consistent effects but it’s obviously more time consuming to produce. The taste isn’t too bad and you can drink it hot or cold. It’s quite nice chilled actually.

Add to Yoghurt: Another option that I haven’t actually tried personally but some people recommend, is to add the powder to some yoghurt. Use a fruit flavored one as the goal is to mask the taste of the powder (it’s not particularly nice)! The reason I don’t do this is that it’s actually better to take Kratom on an empty stomach (see below) and this would be negating that fact. Personally, I try to get the process over with as quickly as possible rather than tasting the powder any longer than I have to, but many people swear by this approach.

Add to Protein Shake: This method I have tried with success, though again you’ll be taking the powder with calories and tasting the flavor longer than you have to, but it can work. Some people even claim they get better effects when taking their Kratom this way but I don’t believe there’s any scientific reason backing this.

In Capsule Form:  it’s certainly a convenient way to get it down your hatch without even a hint of the taste. However, one drawback to this approach is that it can require quite a few capsules at one time to get an adequate Kratom dose (10+ pills). Take with plenty of water though and you’ll be fine, and it’s definitely convenient for when you’re on the go.

These are probably the most common methods for ingesting Kratom so take your pick and discover what you prefer. Now, let’s talk about dosage:

How to Dose Kratom

As I’ve already mentioned several times and you’re probably sick of hearing, you need to find your “sweet spot”.

Start small (2 – 3g, see the below guide) and if you don’t feel anything after 20 minutes, take it up a notch. You want to feel the effects ever so slightly and take it from there, not the other way round. Too little will obviously result in nothing but even just slightly too much will give you a “heady” feeling so bear that in mind. If you feel a tad nauseous it’s a sign that your dose is too high. Way too much (10g + in one go) and you’ll probably puke.

High quality Kratom hits at 3 – 5 grams! Other sites might recommend higher doses but if you use the source I recommend you really won’t need any more than this, I promise. Not all Kratom is created equal so get the best and you’ll require much less. Your tolerance level might necessitate a higher required dose of course, which I’ll cover later one.

A Beginners Kratom Dosage Guide

Here’s a general guide for discovering your required dose for a particular strain. Do this for every new strain you try.

It’s important that you take Kratom on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning or 2 or 3 hours after food. It can be done with food in your stomach but it will require a higher dose and I would encourage you to get a feel for it on an empty stomach first as a reference point.

Step 1: Take 2 or 3 grams on an empty stomach. You should start to feel something after 20 minutes or so.

Step 2: Assess how you feel after 30 – 45 minutes. If you think you need some more, take another 1 to 2 grams.

Step 3: Assess how you feel after 15 – 30 minutes. This really should be enough to feel something if you’re using the Kratom I recommend.

Step 4: If you still think you could do with a bit more, bump it up by another 0.5 to 2 grams.

Step 5: Hopefully by this point you can feel something and feel good! From here, just ride it out for a good 4 or 5 hours.

Step 6: After 4 or 5 hours have passed and you want to take more, repeat this process with the SAME strain you used earlier in the day.

As a beginner starting out with fresh receptors, 3 to 5 grams total will probably see you right. If you’re sub 68KG (150lbs) in weight, as a male or female, a lower dose of 1.5 grams starting out may even be enough.

For irregular use or if you rotate strains regularly to avoid tolerance, this will be as much as you’ll ever need or at least not much more.

Important Tips

Here are a couple of things I think are worth mentioning when taking Kratom and starting out for the first time, or with a strain you’ve never tried before.

Stay Hydrated! Much like coffee, Kratom will dehydrate you significantly so be sure to drink a lot of water with it. If you feel a bit “heady” it could be that you’ve taken too high a dose but if you’ve followed the guide above, it’s more likely you need a drink. You willneed more fluid than usual when taking Kratom so bear this in mind if you’re out and about.

Take on an Empty Stomach: As discussed, this is quite important, especially when starting out. You can experiment with taking Kratom with food in your stomach at a later stage but it’s good to have a reference point to work from. A full or partially full stomach will require a higher Kratom dose.

Each Strain May Require a Different Dose: This is quite important actually. Be sure to use the above dosage guidelines when ever you try a new strain for the first time as it’s likely different Kratom will have different “sweet spots” for you. Some of the “faster” strains can definitely hit harder so you’ll certainly want to start on the low end with those.

Keep a Log: It helps to make notes of your first experiences with each strain, including how how much you took, when you took it etc. and jot down your thoughts and feelings as you have them. This will help you build on each experience as you refer back to these notes, so it only gets better with each consecutive time. Personally, I’ve always written down my notes in TextEdit on Mac; quick and simple and easy to find.

Another Day Sober , Another Kratom Success Story , Another Day In South Florida

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Because of these guys I’m able to stay sober by taking the kratom 3 times a day with water at a VERY ECONOMICAL PRICE ! YES

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Low Low Kratom Prices in Deerfield Beach Florida

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Enhanced mang da kratom , buy mang da kratom buy mang da extract

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Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is made by applying 99% pure Maeng Da alkaloids back to natural Maeng Da Kratom leaf, resulting in a potent, concentrated form of Maeng Da Kratom. If you like Maeng Da but need something more portable, Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is recommended.ultra enhanced maeng da link

Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da


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10 thoughts on “Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract”


I have a small sample bag of crushed leaf for tea (red). Not sure what strain it is or how much of the crushed leaves to add to one quart of water. i have looked up the instructions on how to make it, just can’t find dosage.


Ugh sorry my remarks were riddled with typos and autocorrect changed some of my words. Sorry.


I’m 40 & my sophomore year in high school began being given large amounts of opiates for an injury I was forced to play with rather then risk my whole future & take the remaining season off for surgery…well, not surprising I’m sure, pro soccer nor college w/scholarship never happened, & im now a 10+years heroine & meth addict. Additional to my shattered ankle during HS, broken clavical, sternum, both wrist 3+x’s, sacrum, & currently from my vehicle being hit while waiting stopped at traffic light by another whom was trying to beat a yellow traffic light behind me as he exited the interstate I’m left with 4compression fractured vertebrae in my neck, & just over a year ago had 4 discs replaced with artificial discs, w/irreparable torn ligaments along the left side of cervical spine. I’ve lost an amazing job, my home, amazing husband & 15yr marriage, & a baby…I have nothing & no one left. I’d like to say I tried everything 100% before I throw in the towel & ive had 4-5 people mention Kratom….I’m willing to try anything at this point, both my kids have alienated me as has my family so nothing left to lose.


Kratom is a miracle drug

Try the red


I read ur story and I pray things change for u… knows what ur going through unless they have lived it. Ur going to defeat this…am 3 years clean.. n still building my life back up.. u dont know me but if u need sum1 to just listen, let me know n i will send u my email…or number.and kratom does work once u find da right kund for u… best wishes, Que


Keep your head up and try to have faith. I believe in you, you can do it. I’m about to celebrate 2 years, I finally woke up, you can too sweetie. I’m praying for you!


What is Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract, is it the plant choice, or extraction technique?
It says extract which indicates a solvation in some solute.


If I take 1/2 a teaspoon of Red Maeng Da Powder… How much extract should I take?


NONE!!! You’re gonna puke!


I habe found the best way to take Meat on is 1. On an empty stomach, you feel the effects better
2. I take a teaspoon full along with s teaspoon of nestle quik in just a little bit of milk (so you don’t get full on the milk) I stir and then using my spoon I try to slim the Meat on and chocolate from the top, throw back my head and try to get a head start with getting into my throat. Drink a gulp of milk and just swallow. Try not to actually taste the mix on your tongue. Krato tastes disgusting. It’s probably my the worst tasting stuff ever. It takes 45 minutes to an hour f

WHITE VEIN INDO KRATOM , buy kratom and buy kratom extract

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White Vein Kratom has a full range of kratom alkaloids. Compared to Red or Green strains of kratom, White Vein Kratoms are more dissociating, which helps potentiate pain relief and many users perceive as extra euphoria.

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5 thoughts on “White Vein Indo Kratom”


Hello I’m Matthew, indeed white vain indo is the best for tramadol withdrawa. I was addicted to trams for 4 years popping 20 50g threw the day like 5 at a time. I seeked help threw a drug clinic and never will let do that again!!!!!

Sadly like didn’t know about kratom in 2012 2013 2014 2015 just didn’t use the Internet much and let truly wished like did as kratom would of saved me then!!!!!! I was put on subtext it’s like suboxon and it drew the life out of me!!!!!! lol lost all my looks and felt really ill.

So then look found kratom and the trick is you have to ween down of the tramadol in half then take a teaspoon of kratom. Look km no doctor but white vain is far to weak for tramadol withdrawal as you need meang da green as that will take the withdrawals away but if you can’t get it know because of the ban take lopramide for 3 days at 20 tablets a day it will kill the tramadol withdrawal but after day 3 ween down half of the lope then keep tapering then jump at 2mg then take siberinan ginseng drops by the tube in the bottle as local health shops will sell it in store!!!! Just take the ginseng when you feel a little low as this takes away paws !!!!!! All this link did and belive me know went threw he’ll!!!! And yes kratom works but if you jump of kratom it’s only 5 days of restlessness and 1 month of PAWS but jumping of the tramadol is a killer as you will end up at A AND E!!!!! you can ween of tramadol !!!! But running for suboxon is like going from tramadol to heroin !!! You don’t get the feeling like you do from H but the body and moods are the same !!!!! So it is a short term situation so hang in there !!!!! Ginseng tea bags help as they have the real USA product in the ingredients but open the tea bags up and put 5 of the contents in a hot cup of water half full, it looks yucky but after 5 mind you will get releaf … Don’t go to the clinics there a big pharmacy con that will pull you down to the floor! Just in it for the money and not your health as they keep you on the drug for far to long causing you took look even sicker and lethargic.

Hope this helps

God bless



Anybody reading this should know that Tramadol also acts in a similar way as an SSRI/SNRI (2 different kinds of antidepressants). If you are experiencing withdrawal as a result of attempting to free yourself from your prescription of Tramadol, you may still experience withdrawal symptoms due to the serotonergic/noradrenergic effects of Tramadol.
This guy above (Matthew) is clearly trying to help but it is also obvious that he is not well-versed in these matters or the biochemistry behind certain pain medications. Please do your research before ordering or consuming any of the products mentioned in his post or this web page. Everybody is different and may react to things differently, but if you do your research and learn about kratom you will be more likely to make an accurate estimation concerning whether kratom is appropriate for your needs and if it is, then you will also be more likely to make an accurate estimation concerning dosage.


But, if you gotta do it, taper if you can because cold turkey off any opiate or opiate aganist etc is tough. Loperamede (Imodium) truly does help the physical withdrawal of opiates as it’s one itself (no, you won’t get high. No, you can’t make it get you high unless you wanna risk you health; ie: don’t take 20 of them and a bunch of potentiators, a few will do for relief).

Always be safe and know what your talking and the interactions with other drugs or homeopathic remedies! I feel for anyone going through withdrawal. Please, don’t give up!

A Change of life with kratom deerfield beach florida

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So as we all know that so many people can live a healthey life with kratom, It saved my life and I’m an advicate for kratom for sure.  I can be a son again to my mom and that means the world to me , I did some shitty things , I’m so ashamed , today I’m a better man check out our mang da

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