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Crazy Kratom Nights, IN Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida

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Kratom saved my life , I use to be a heroin addict for about 4 years, been to rehab so many times.   Finally I found kratom, wow I could live again and remain sober !  Life was GREAT AGAIN !  This plant that is part of the coffee family, and has been in use in Asia for thousands of years.  You can take kratom in tea form, by it self , or maybe mix the powdered leaf in with your morning orange juice, whatever works best for you !!! I take it everyday for my arthritis and it works awesome!!

A Life With Out Drugs , Kratom Saved My Life

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Before I was introduced to Kratom , My life was a wreck.  I started on prescrption pain pills due to an car accident, and the next thing I knew I was hooked it happened so fast.  I was in REAL LEGITIMATE pain , it’s just my body had this algeric reaction to the pills, it made my head feel NORMAL.  After 4 months my doctor had cut me off of them.  I started buying them off the street and soon could not afford those high prices so I turned to dope.  I was in for 14 months OF PURE HELL…

My Family cut me off due to my stealing and pawning of any and all things I could get my junkie hands on.  I found my self kicked out and on the streets sleeping under a highway overpass.  I eventually had someone drag me to a state run faclity it was F@#king hell, but I did manage to get clean.  With the support of AA/NA meetings reading the big book cover to cover over 14 times and Kratom for my sever pain that I had from the original car accident.  I managed to clean up with the help of meetings a sponsor and kratom.  Oh my god KRATOM saved my life and don’t know where I would be with out it, actually I do I would still be using needles and comminting petty crimes to support my habit.
Today my family has let me back in their life and is starting to build that trust back.  It’s still a long road but today I do not live in HELL !!!!


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