kratom success stories

Some Kratom Success Stories

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Success Stories:


“I’m 26 years old and have been addicted to opiates for almost 5 years now. I’ve tried to quit taking opiates with both methadone and suboxone prescribed by a licensed physician and then found that I was extremely addicted to these which were harder to get off of then opiates themselves. I was starting to feel pretty hopeless with no real hope in sight. I thought I would never be able to overcome the withdrawals which is when a miracle happened and I found Kratom. It’s been an absolute life saver and I thank God for helping me find Kratom. I have stopped injecting drugs and taking prescription pills which allowed me to start my life again and go back to work. It’s not mind altering for me at all. It makes me feel normal and gets rid of the anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Kratom I have would eventually ended up dead from the withdrawals. I would never have been able to stop on my own. Kratom not only allowed me to stop, it saved my life.” – Garrett M
“I am a Veteran that was injured in battle. I am also on a fixed income.  Luckily for me I found a Kratom company who gave me a lifetime Veteran discount and took the time to work with me.  Kratom has helped me and countless other Vets to deal with injuries or even to get off of prescription opiates.  I told my VA doctor about Kratom and my concerns with the pain killers that I was being given. He looked into it and told me to keep taking Kratom, which I have.  I even share my Kratom with other Vets on fixed income and it’s been a blessing.  For those putting their lives on the line, we need to keep supplements like Kratom legal. We don’t need any more vets with opiate/ pain killer addictions.”  – Danny C
Kratom helped me to stop my opiate addiction.  I had a sports injury years ago which is where my addiction to opiates began.  I was ok for a few years and then, before I realized it, I was addicted.  The addiction ruined my relationships and my career.  A friend of mine had been taking Kratom for a recent injury and emailed me some information on it.  After reading about it, I figured that I would try making a Kratom tea and go from there.  20 minutes after trying the Kratom tea I noticed a change.  I didn’t have the knee pain and I didn’t crave the pain killers.  It was the first time I’d felt like this in over 6 years.  Every time I felt a craving, I replaced it with Kratom which worked like a charm.  It prevented the typical withdrawal symptoms and within a few weeks I’d began repairing my broken relationships and was working a full time job again with a bright future ahead.  It brought me to tears as I began to see myself return.  We need to keep Kratom legal for the hundreds of thousands of US citizens who need it.” – James S
These are Just A few of THOUSANDS!!!

Buffy Gills Success

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Here is another success story from our friends @ American


I have Fibromyalgia diagnosed six years ago. I started seeing a pain management doctor and for over four years I have been put on so much medication I was a zombie.  My husband would wake me in morning before he left for work to see if I was alive, checked on me through out the whole day and would also check on me when he got home from work. I stopped going anywhere due to the fact a had slurred speech I would doze off.  I felt like a junkie and yet I still was in so much pain. I asked my husband for a divorce.  I thought it was unfair to him to have a useless wife. Needless to say my husband was very worried. He was talking to my sister in-law and she told him about kratom. I took no notice at the time and kept taking my meds which, by the way, the prescriptions were more then my disability check. I got so frustrated with the doctors, the pharmacist and my insurance that I quit cold turkey and was going through withdrawal for over a month!  I had horrible DT’s my husband contacted my sister in-law and she brought me up some kratom.  Within a week I started feeling better I have taken kratom for the last 7 months.  I am able to function and my husband isn’t worried that I might OD.  I can go places, I can watch my granddaughters which I couldn’t do when on all of those meds.  I feel I have my life back thanks to kratom. It hasn’t cured my Fibromyalgia but makes it manageable.  When I am having a horrible day I refuse to go to the ER due to the fact that they will just want to give me pain meds or inject the pain meds!!!  Kratom has saved my life and gave me life again. I can’t & won’t go back to all the poisons they had me on.

Buffy Gills